Friday, June 7, 2013


 We're off to a wedding.

Off to a wedding

Last weekend we attended the wedding of my good friend Jannett's daughter.
It was a wonderful afternoon.  The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding.
As we left home,  it rained and I must admit I was a little worried for Kym as I knew they were getting married outdoors.
By the time we got across town, there was no sign of rain and the setting for the wedding was just beautiful.
Huge share of photos of the wedding...

Boys waiting patiently for the Bride to arrive
 Here comes the Bride.....
Arriving in Nellie's little red car
 Kym lost one of her closest friends to Cancer two years ago.... She has a tight group of friends, and Nellie is missed by them all.  Kym wanted Nellie to be a part of her wedding too, so she saw Nellie's Mum to see if she could use Nellie's little red car to arrive at the wedding.  It was quite a moving moment. 

A proud Dadda moment as Neal walks Kym down the ailse
and she looks just beautiful
 The celebrant was actually the husband of a friend of ours.... It made the ceremony all a little more personal... He did a beautiful job  too.
Saying their vows. 
 Kym's closest friend took part in the ceremony.  They all had readings to deliver at the service....
Kym's girlfriends taking part...
 The Kiss....
You may now kiss the Bride
 They are now pronounced Man and Wife an introduced to us as Mr & Mrs. Robertson.

The family photos were next....
Love these photos of the Bride's parents.
 These guys are very dear friends of ours....
The Humble Clan
Family members and friends. 
Kym and Doug had a country and western and all things Aussie theme for there wedding....
The flowers were beautiful.... I couldn't resist taking lots of photos of  the flowers....
Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers
 Whilst the Bride and Groom were off having photos taken,  I had fun taking a few photos of my own.  I wanted to capture some of the smaller details of all the hard work that had gone into making the reception area look so beautiful. 
Some of the decorations
Details on the table
 Kym was very busy leading up to the wedding.  She made jam for every guest who attended and they were all placed on the table fo us.  We opened one of our bottles this morning and I have to say it takes really yummy.
Decorations on the bridal table
  Kym's Dad Neal and her brother Carl, were busy the few days before the wedding making these props for the photo booth.  The proved very popular at the wedding with most takes have their photos taken at the booth. 
The photo booth set up. 
 The meal was lovely.
Our meal
 Kym and Doug's cake was amazing....
Cutting the cake..

 They also had an amazing lolly bar for desert also...
Lolly Bar
 Just bought lots of childhood memories back... Conversation lollies... Mr Wills Pink Pills, Chocolates, almonds, musk sticks.  All very lummy...

Time for the speeches... They were good.  Kym and Lana both gave wonderful speeches.  In fact there was barely a dry eye after Kym's speech.  
The speeches...
 The of course it was time for a few photos...
Us at the Photo booth
Our table having their photos taken. 
Us taken at the Wedding
 Photos were also taken of Doug and Kym with some of Kym's closes friends. 
School friends. 
 Photos of brothers and sisters.
Neal and his brother, and Jannett and her sister
 Lots of fun at the photo booth
Good friends...
Humble family shots. 
Lots of fun together...
Neal with his family
 Then it was time for the dancing....
Time for the Bridal Walz....
The Bridal Walz
 Father of the Bride Dance
Kym with her Dad
These pair were quite striking on the dance floor.
They looked great on the dance floor.
All dancing together
They are a great family and very close. 
 Just wanted to get a back shot of Kym's beautiful dress too.   Also couldn't resist taking photos of her
Bridal boots.....
Add caption
 It was a great wedding.  Think I took over 400 photos.  It has taken me most of the week to edit them.
Now to get ready for the next wedding .  We are off to another one next weekend.

It is hard to believe that we have been invited to three weddings to be held in the next five weeks. 
Will be back soon to share more of life in our household.


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