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A chilled out day today.  Pete is home sick.  We have also decided to have a day in as the temperatures plummet to 3.8 degrees today.  We have spent a couple of very big days out wandering around so have decided to give my knee a break today as we plan to head in to do the Christmas markets with Pete and Maria tomorrow evening, which will involve a lot more walking again…

Also Theo’s christening and dedication is only a few days away now, and Maria would like me to embroider Theo’s name on the christening gown that has been handed down from her mother, and has her name and her two sisters names as they all wore this gown when they were christened.
My mission today is to get that embroidery done and start to prepare for the weekend. 

Today has been a very quiet indoor day today.  We spent the morning with Pete and Maria where we enjoyed lots of cuddles with Theo.   I had an afternoon rest and had the luxury of reading a book, Steve enjoyed doing some research on the computer…

Theo cuddl

Maria took off to the shops to get some embroidery cotton so that I could sew Theo’s name on the Christening robe.  We babysat Theo.
Later in the afternoon Steve and Pete ducked out to pick up a Christmas Tree from just around the block…

The netting is off and now it is time to decorate the tree
Traditionally the Danish Christmas tree is the common spruce type tree but nowadays most people prefer the Normann spruce tree. It not only has softer needles, it also withstands the normal room temperature of modern homes much better.  This was the tree that Steve and Pete were off to collect.

They weren’t gone very long and came home with a lovely tree.  It looked like the artificial ones that we buy back in Australia but the beauty of this one was that it was a real tree and the smell was amazing…
Maria decorating the tree
Pete put on some Christmas carol music whilst the tree was decorated. In Denmark the tree itself is decorated with a silver or gold star on top (never an angel).   
Embroidering Theo's ChristeningGown

Whilst Maria decorated the tree,  I finished the embroidery on the dress for Theo’s christening. 
Peter installing the lighting on the Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree is decorated and lit.
 Once the tree was decorated, it was Pete’s turn to hang the Christmas lights.  In Danish tradition it is the father in the family who is in charge of lighting the candles on the Christmas tree.  These days, most Danes use light chains on their trees instead of candles, but you must use uncoloured bulbs.  Danes do not do coloured or blinking Christmas lights. 

Danish Christmas drink Glogg - mulled wine with almonds and raisins

Once the tree was decorated and then lit it was time for another Danish Christmas tradition. Pete made us some Glogg.   This drink is drunk in December to keep warm and create Christmas hygge.  The Danes drink Gløgg, a  drink basically made of mulled red wine along with various spices, raisins and sliced almonds.

Danish Aebleskiver (Pancake balls)
Pete also make us Danish Aebleskiver (Pancake balls) to add to the Christmas spirit.  These are delicious pancake balls cooked on the stove in a special pan with icing sugar, jam or maple syrup and we enjoyed these with our cup of hot glögg.

Danish Calendar Candle
 Another Christmas tradition we have been enjoying whilst here has been the December tradition of lighting the Calendar Candle.  This candle is, just like a tape measure, provided with 24 markings, normally decorated with motives of fir and little pixies with red cheeks, wearing red hats and dancing merrily in yellow clogs. In most families the candles are lit every day from December 1st as a soothing factor in a hectic period.   Peter and Maria had made their arrangement and had been lighting it since before we have arrived.  We have carried on the tradition each evening as we have had dinner…
It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas
It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas now….  The house is decorated, the stockings are hung and we are warm and cosy indoors….
We spent the rest of the evening just chilling out and watching television together.   The temperature never rose about 3 degrees today, so we are definitely feeling the cold… At least it is warm inside with the indoor temperature sitting around 21-22 degrees.  Obviously this is the most comfortable temperature for us as humans, as in Australia we cool our houses down to this temperature, but over here they warm their houses to this temperature.

No sure what we have planned for tomorrow if anything.. In this weather it is very easy to remain indoors…


We awoke a little earlier this morning, just after 7.30am but everything was still dark.  We have got into the habit of making a cuppa with toast and avocado and bringing it down into the basement to eat whilst we wait for Pete and Maria to stir upstairs.  Theo doesn’t like to settle until about 1am, and can sleep through until about 9am, so we don’t like to head upstairs until we hear then up and moving around.  

Pete bought Theo down to us this morning to look after as he had woken earlier than normal, and this allowed Maria to catch up on her sleep.  He is so adorable first thing in the morning.  He is so happy and chatty with us, and honestly he just melts our hearts with his chatting and big smiles.  

Maria had a lunch appointment with some of her girlfriends at 11am, so Steve and I decided to head off and explore Assistentens Kirkegard, the cemetery where Hans Christian Andersen is buried.  It was on our list of things to do last time we were in Copenhagen and we just didn’t get a chance to do it. 

Before we headed up we got the vegetables ready for dinner for Maria for this evening as we were to have a 5.30pm dinner with her brother and his family.

Once again our transport app came in handy as we planned our excursion for the day.  

We hopped off the bus at Joegersborgsgade  and wandered around the shops before heading into the cemetery...

It's all about Christmas

None of this is artificial.
 They don't do plastic trees in Copenhagen.  Their Christmas Trees and decorations are real trees.  They wreaths are made from real leaves.  It is all so wonderful...
The cemetery is pretty close to Maria and Pete’s, only two bus stops away.  In fact you could probably walk it if you didn’t have a bung knee.  We caught the bus anyway, and then wandered around Joegersborgsgade, taking in all the little shops and eateries and enjoying the atmosphere of this area….

The cemetery is HUGE, not only does it serve as a cemetery, it also serves as a parkland, and there were lots and lots of folk just walking their babies around the parkland, or lot of folk on bikes riding through it as well…

Our mission was to find Hans Christian Andersen’s grave site.  It was sell signed and it didn’t take us too long to find it.  You can also find it on google maps and it sets out a path for you to walk also.  
There are some really strange and weird headstones in this cementery
This little tree had lots of different dummies hanging in it...
We were amazed at all the different sorts of tombstones and grave sites in the park, all very different from each other, some headstones were really bizarre, more like works of art..  

Honouring those Danish soldiers lost at war
Bell Tower in the grounds at the Cemetery
The cemetery is still in use today with a fresh grave being dug...

We spent a good couple of hours just wandering through the cemetery checking out the different sections, marveling at some of the amazing trees and their branches, and enjoying the cold crisp air on our faces….

We left the park on sunset and walked back to catch the bus back home to Pete and Maria’s.  We had no trouble getting off at the right stop this time.  This was the bus route that we got horribly lost on when we were last over here two years ago. 

Having a great time in Copenhagen
Catching the bus home again.
We had a three block walk to get home.. We stopped off at one of the little supermarkets on our way home to pick up some wine and chocolate for desert as Maria’s brother, sister in law and nephew were coming over for dinner.i
It was dark by the time we got home.  Theo was still sleeping out in his pram in the courtyard.  This is one thing I find hard to get used to and that is in Denmark the babies sleep outside in their prams during the day in the fresh air.  There is no way we would leave our babies to sleep outdoors unattended back home.  I must admit I felt much better when he was bought back inside…

This though is a very typical practice here in Denmark, and the fresh air does wonders for their sleep with them usually sleeping much longer outdoors in the fresh cold air.  

Pete arrived home from work around 4.30pm.  He wasn’t feeling the best, and headed for bed to try and sleep off whatever bug was trying to attack him.  Rune, Heidi and Max arrived a little after 5pm, and we spent an enjoyable evening with them chatting and catching up.  It is really lovely home both of our families fit in and enjoy each other’s company.  It was actually a lovely relaxing evening….  

They left to go home around 8.30pm as they all had work the following day and Max had school.

Theo was wide awake by now, so we had some lovely Moppy and Poppy moments with him, enjoying his chatting and laughing. He is such a precious little boy and just melts our hearts.  It is going to be so hard to leave him in a few weeks time. 

Pete was feeling a little better after dinner, so we enjoying just hanging out in the lounge all together chatting and it was close to midnight before we called it quits.

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