Friday, September 27, 2013


Today was a quiet day.   We have been constantly on the go since we left Rocky on Sunday, so today was the day for chilling out. 
We arrived at our caravan park yesterday afternoon and had the choice of whatever site we wanted in the caravan park. 

We ended up picking a site that was in the shade and just in front of the amenities block, handy all round actually and set up camp. 

Lovely spacious shady site at the Lake Placid Tourist Park
 We had a nice leisurely breakfast sitting out under our awning...

Lovely area to just sit and chill
 Steve did a bit of school work, whilst I edited some photos.  We had a look through all the tourist brochures to decide on what we wanted to do and see whilst we were in Cairns. 

Last night when we were out grocery shopping we saw a sign just up the road saying Barron Gorge, so decided that since it was only about 6 klms away we would go and investigate. 

It was a really lovely drive winding around the river and the views were magnificent.  Just as we arrived at the Gorge a small mini bus with lots of Asian tourists arrived.  We did get to hear a little about the Gorge from their tourist guide.  They only stayed about 10 minutes and then we had the place to ourselves.

By reading this sign we found out that the Barron Gorge Hydro Electricity was actually part of the Stanwell Corp.  this was very interesting as Stanwell is situated just outside of Rocky

Barron Gorge Hydro is part of the Sanwell Electricity Corp
The Gorge could only be accessed from this bridge across it.  We could see the Sky rail in the distance.  
Bridge at Barron Gorge
Checking out the view
Barron Gorge
Surprise Creek Waterfall
 it wasn't long until we had the whole place to ourselves.  I decided that I really needed to tan my legs, so once everyone else left, I decided to sunbath my legs. 
Getting a little bit of Queensland gorgeous sunlight
 This really is a very pretty little gorge. 
Barron Gorge
                                                                        Barron Gorge
Views from the Bridge
Surprise Creek  Falls

Couldn't resist taking this photo of the lovely
Lovely big moss patches at the bottom of the Falls. 
 The drive to Barron Gorge was really pretty, we drove around the rivers edge the whole way round. 
At times the road went right over the gorge.  It also had this structure overhanging the road. 

Road to Barron Gorge.
 We got home around lunch time.  We were waiting on a call from Mike and Ann as we were going to visit them for dinner tonight.  Whilst we waited, I finished editing all the photos and then loaded them onto the computer.  Steve wasn't feeling 100% so he decided to have a nap.  He slept for a couple of hours.  I ended up having to wake him at 4pm

We had been invited to Mike and Ann O'Hares for dinner.  We actually met Mike and Ann when we were holidays in the caravan at Bargara at Christmas time. 

We had a lovely evening with them checking out their new home.  We also made plans to travel up to Port Douglas and Mossman Gorge with them on Sunday,
it has been a tiring day for me so I am about to slide into bed.  Will catchup some more again tomorrow.  

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