Friday, October 4, 2013


We had a great day today.  It was another one of those chilled out and relaxed sort of days.  We didn't want to do a real lot as we knew we had a few hard days coming up with long drives. 
As Fay and Chris were staying in the same park as us, we invited them over for Breakfast this morning.  We had such a lovely evening with them last night, and the fact that they were heading off towards Darwin and we were heading south to Rocky, the following day, meant it was our last chance to really catch up before we all went our separate ways.

Good friends from Rocky - Fay and Chris
Steve with Fay and Chris
Me with Fay and Chris
 There is always plenty of lively chatting when we get together,  also a heap of laughs.  The iPads were out,  Chris was organising his shopping to be done later in the day...  He uses the Woolies App and was showing Steve how it is all done.  Big mistake,  I might never see my iPad again.  They were both funny to watch
Preparing their shopping lists using their iPads. 
 Fay was trying to show Steve how to use it..
Getting a lesson on using your iPad to show
You can even check your Everyday rewards points on it
 It was a lovely relaxed morning sitting out under the trees...  I think we sat around chatting like this until about 11am this morning
Chris checking his list
 Of course since Fay and Chris will be away for a long time,  I wanted a photo with Fay, so Steve took a photo of us both and one of Chris taking a photo of us both. 

Fay and I

Chris getting in on the act and photographing us also. 
Fay and Chris left about 11.30am, as Fay wanted to go spend a little more time with her son.  Meanwhile Steve and I did the dishes and our plan was to go off and wander around the Cairns Botanical Gardens.  Meanwhile whilst we were cleaning up, we got a phone call from Mike and Ann inviting us to come and have dinner with them at their place before we left. 
They were unable to join us at the Botanical Gardens as they had trades folk coming in that afternon to install some ceiling fans in their house.
Just as we were able to leave, Chris came back to visit us to see if we would like to join both he and Fay for dinner that night.... We were a little disappointed that we couldn't as we had just accepted a dinner date with Mike and Ann.  We let them know that we were heading off to have a wander around the Botanical Gardens if they wanted to join us.

They decided that since they had nothing better to do for the afternoon they would join us.  I love the diversity of these gardens,  Quite different to a lot of other botanical gardens we have been in.  Lots and lots of exotic plants and flowers in the Cairns Botanical Gardens.  In fact I have no idea the names of any of these flowers, but I was certainly pretty impressed with them all. 
Apologies now for the huge photo overload.....
 When we first arrived we had no idea where the start of the gardens were, we parked our car in one of the many public car parks. and just wandered in.  We though we were going to the Botanical Gardens but in fact we ended up at Centenary Lakes, both fresh water and salt water.  To get there we had to take a stroll through the rainforest. 
Some amazing trees in the Rainforest at the Botanical Gardens
Strolling across the boardwalk and through the gardens
We were pretty amazed at the sight of some of these trees. 
A lovely afternoon spent with lovely friends.
After spending a good couple of hours just wandering around the lakes and taking our time, we found a kiosk and stopped for a cuppa.    Fay and Chris left us here as they still had to do a bit more shopping to buy some gifts for their grandchildren.
Even on the Rainforest boardwalk, we found some exotic flowering plants
Personally I would have been happy to have had a nap, but since we were already here, Steve and I then wandered around the Botanical Gardens, stopping to admire all the wonderful flowers that were in bloom.
I wish I knew the names of these plants but I don't.  It doesn't mean however that I can't appreciate the awesome beauty of these exotic plants and flowers
Be prepared for flower overload.  These flowers were all found in the Cairns Botanical Gardens

This next plant was quite fascinating .  It was kind of an insect eating plant... Still not sure of the name of it, but it was fascinating to see and watch. 
I really loved the pink flowers in the photo above, this was the most unusual plant,  very waxy, but really lovely.

The centre flower above also really fascinated me.  It really was very unusual, but I really liked it.  We have seen a lot of these plants growing in North Queensland, and they vary from reds, to yellows, and oranges.   I think it might be related to the Bird of paradise plant. 

Don't you love these park benches they have in the gardens

Really love these ginger plants and flowers

 We spent most of the afternoon wandering around the gardens and still didn't manage to see it all.  We didn't leave until well after 5pm, which then caused us to rush a little, as we had to go home and have a shower before heading out to Mike and Ann's for dinner.

We had a lovely time with them.  I am sure they appreciated catching up with us.  We met them when we were camping at Bargara at Christmas time, and they have kept in touch with us ever since.  They have only been out from England for just on 12 months, and I know that Ann is still feeling very homesick.  it was lovely to catch up with them, and spend time with them in their new home and their neck of the woods. 
Mike and Ann O'Hare
 Of course we had to get photos of us both with them also.
Steve with Mike and Ann

Photo of me taken with Mike and Ann
We were so fortunate to have caught up with them both.  Ann leaves this Saturday to go back to the UK to see her Mum for three weeks.  Her mum isn't very well at all and isn't expected to live much longer.....
It was after 10pm when we left their place, and we still had to come home and pack ready for an early start in the morning, as we get ready to leave Cairns and make the long trek home.
We have really enjoyed our week up in this part of our beautiful country. 


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