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Chloe is back from Vanuatu.... She has been home for a couple of weeks now, but we have only just managed to go through her photos and sort some of them, so that we can document her time away...

Chloe left to go over on a misison trip for a Youth Conference... There were fourteen of them that flew to Vanuatu.. Most drove to Brisbane on the Monday ready to fly out Tuesday morning, but Chloe and a couple of others needed to work that Monday, so ended up flying to Brisbane that evening after work...

They were picked up and all bunked down here for the evening...

They bunked down in a church in Brisbane overnight
 Photos at the airport as they left Australia and then as they went through immigration in  Vanuatu
Leaving Australia
 The safety laws we have in Australia certainly don't apply overseas well not in Vanuatu anyway... they mode of travel over there was in the back of a Ute.....
Travelling aound in the back of a ute.
 Their roads are a little rough too with lots of pot holes all over the roads....
Roads around Luganville
They arrived in Luganville, where they were hosting and taking part in a Youth Conference...
Youth conference....
Working together in groups
The Rocky Group

 The mornings were spent sharing God's Word, teaching, worship etc.
Sharing with the locals
 They shared with the local churches
Visiting the churches

Their mornings were spend doing study and teaching, and also did some team building and showed the youth leaders different activities and games that they could use for teaching moments. 
Team building exercises
Games of Volleyball
Working together...and off to the markets....
The girls
Playing a little sport together
The afternoons were spent sightseeing in the area and going to the markets and local tourist attractions.
Visiting local beaches
Sightseeing around Luganville
An afternoon snorkling around the reef
Dug out canoes - Vanuatian style
Beautiful beaches
 They visited one of the villages, and were treated to a traditional meal

Cook out
 They learnt to climb coconut trees, the native way....

Learning to climb the coconut trees
 We learnt how to weave.....
Our woven headwear
 On another afternoon they visited the markets....
Visiting the markets
Visiting the markets
Strange new creatures at the markets
They enjoyed touring around in the back of the Ute visiting the different villages
Traveling around Luganville
The heart of Vanuatu
Collecting coconut milk by the locals
We felt very welcome
Island Paradise
 They also visited the Nanda Blue Hole Swimming Hole at Espiriti Santo at Luganville and spent an afternoon enjoying the cool water of this water hole...
Blue Hole Swimming Hole
Jumping in all together
Wonderful afternoon of water fun.
Cruises bring a lot of money to the area and they pull in most weeks.  They were able to witness first hand the impact these Cruise ship have on the community.... Great photo opportunities also. 
Cruise ships pull in each week. 
Another day they visited these waterfalls....
They were beautiful... They spent many hours hiking around them and swimming there. 
Another water hole to swim in,.
The water holes here are beautiful and fresh... and unspoilt by humans.  You can see the bottom of the lakes and rives with your naked eye and the water is so clean,,,
More waterfall footage..

The sunsets were magnificent...
Took your breath away,,,,

Beautiful scenery
Beautiful Sunsets
On our last evening in Luganville, they held a special dinner for us,  to thank us and encourage us as we were about to head home and leave...
Special island welcome
We were made beautiful lei's to wear...
Feeling a little sad as we were about to pack our bags to head home.   
Our course we had to have group photos taken
Group photoes
More last night ph
It was time to leave Luganville and head back to Vila where we were to sstopped for a couple of days before heading home...
Back in the Ute again,,,
Heading back to take off to Vila
For our last two days in Vanuatu, we stayed at a Mission House in Vila in Vanuatu.  It was quite comfortable
Our accommodation in Vila
Visit to the markets to buy gifts etc. 
tour around Vila
tour around Vila
For our last day in Vanuatu,  we all spent the day on Hideaway Island.  We got to do lots of snorkling,  visit the underwater Post Office, explore the reef, and generally just chill out..
A day on Hideaway Island
They saw lots of these beautiful blue starfish....
Blue starfish on the reef
The beaches here are nothing like our beaches at home.  At Hideaway,  there wasn't much sand,  it was mostly coral... great big lumps of it. 
Esploring the reef
They saw lots of other interesting sea life on the reef..
Reef species
Coral on the reef
It was a day to relax and they did..
Drinks on the beach...
Add caption
Total relaxation...
Enjoying some of our last moments on the island,,
Girl Time
One of our last meals in Vanuatu
Beautiful memories
And who could forget these beautiful sunsets...
Sunsets in Paradise

Who could forget this beautiful place....
I know that Chloe already has her order in for us to visit some ot the places she visited and she has a shopping list for us already to pick up some extra gifts and clothing that she wishes she had bought more of...

The count down is on for us now also.  This time in two weeks and we will be on our way to this beautiful paradise.  It is hard to believe.... Feeling pretty excited..
Looking forward to seeing a lot of this for myself...


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