Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Today was spent at sea….

The weather has been pretty bad today,  stormy squalls, and the sea has been choppy with two to three metre swells.  Lots of folk on the boat have been seasick with the doctor working overtime today.  Fortunately we have been fine.  Whether it is because I have a sea smart husband, I am not sure, but we have consistently had meals and kept something on our stomachs all day…

We woke around 6am, but then went back to sleep and didn’t get up till 8am.  It was a lovely sleepin.   We met up with Ian and Kathy and then headed up to the Plantation Restaurant for breakfast, but the queues were really long so decided to head back down to the Waterfront Breakfast.  This was lovely.  We were waited on hand and foot and had a beautiful breakfast of Danish Pastries, Fruit Juice, fruit cocktail and Eggs Benedict. 
Eggs Benedict - our first breakfast on board...
 We have decided that we will do breakfast here most mornings.  It also helps that this restaurant is much closer to our cabins… This morning we had another interesting couple join us for Breakfast.  They were good company and we probably all sat their chatting for a good hour or more.   

Our next stop for a visit to the Marquee where we sat in on a talk about the islands and what you could see there… Also some helpful tips when dealing with the locals.

At the Marquee for a talk on the island destinations and tips on dealing with the locals..
From here we wandered back up to Deck 12 where we went and had  a cuppa whilst we planned out the rest of our day. 
  We were still sitting here at noon so decided to have our lunch here as we had a table with the most magnificent views of the ocean.   The food is just laid on thick, and we were still fairly full from breakfast, so we mainly had fruit and a little bit of salad… 
They had everything there from roasts to curries and the most wonderful selections of deserts on which we couldn’t pass up on.   

After we had lunch we went out on to the deck and climbed down a level to where all the sun lounges were and had a nice rest for half and hour or so.  It was lovely, very relaxing, even if it was a little cool and very blowy. 
Enjoying a relax on the back of Deck 12
This is the life
Loving every minute of our time on deck
What a view....
Absolutely perfect weather for our first day at sea....
Kathy on the back deck...
We had been given some raffle tickets the day before.  Not really our thing.   They weren’t getting too many bites on the paintings and most were being passed in… I wonder whether that is because the price tags were usually over $1500.  You can spend a lot of extra money on a cruise if you are not careful. 
Art Auction..
We decided to go and checkout the Art Champagne Auction, around 2pm.

I was feeling pretty tired as I had had a few bad nights with not a lot of sleep.  I also think that it was the first day I had totally stopped in weeks, and I just needed a nap.  Steve, Ian and Kathy went off to explore whilst I went back to the cabin for a sleep.  I told them to wake me up in half an hour. 
Checking out the Dome on Deck 14
Ian and Kathy up in the Dome...
They went up to the 14th Level and explored “The Dome”.  By the time they came back to wake me they were all pretty tired also, so we all ended up having a bit of an extended nap until about 5pm. 

By the time we woke, we decided to have our showers and get ready for dinner.  It was Formal Dinner night tonight, so it meant we all had to get dressed up.  Once again we had dinner in the Waterfront Restaurant and the service is just fantasic.  This meal was just the four of us.  Our table was reserved for 6pm, as we wanted an early dinner so that we could catch the 7.30pm show in “The Marquee”.  
Sunday Night was formal dinner so we all got dressed up. 
 Always great food in the Waterfront Restaurant...
Steve's meal
My meal...
We took off to watch the show and it was spectacular,  bright colourful, wonderful music and dancing and it never went long enough. 
Ian waiting for the Sunday evening show to begin....
All ready for Sunday evenings show in the Marquee
 What a spectacular evening we had....
Amazing lighting
Amazing costumes
Amazing dancing
Entertaining songs
Amazing backdrops
Totally entertaining
Loved the backdrops which changed constantly but were always colourful.
And it all ended too soon. 
 After the show we headed back to the Plantation Restaurant where we had Coffee and Cake…. Yum…

Just after 9pm we decided to go check out the Karooka in the Orient Bar, but it was full, not a seat anywhere, so we just decided to go next door to the Promenade Bar where there was live music.  This was more in line with our age group,  and most of the songs were songs we recognized and could sing a long with.  We sat and enjoyed the music until she finished singing around 10pm.
Ian and Kathy enjoying music in the Orient Bar

Relaxing time just enjoying the music in the Orient Bar
What a wonderful night it has been., 
Ian and Kathy then headed off to bed,  Steve decided to take me up to Level 14 to check our the Dome as I had missed it earlier in the day.  We then went for a walk half way around the running track until the wind nearly blew us off.  The pool was like a wave pool with waves splishing and splashing from one end of the pool to the other. 
Photo taken as we headed back to our cabin. 
   By this time it was almost 10.45pm so thought it was turn to turn in and head to bed.  Big day tomorrow. 


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