Thursday, August 14, 2014


Today was a very relaxed day.  We had been going pretty solid for three days, with lots of adventures and lots of exploring.  Today we just wanted to chill out, hence the sleep in and the later breakfast. 

Breakfast was a leisurely affair.  We have been pretty fortunate to enjoy it with a variety of differnt people who have all been interesting to chat too.  Quite often we can still be sitting there an hour or two later...  One of the things I have really enjoyed about this cruise..

For the rest of the morning we played Zilch up in the Plantation Restaurant.  this way we could enjoy endless cups of tea...  It was pretty rough at sea today.  The boat had quite a rock, so we had to throw our dice into a box so that they didn't go flying anywhere..
Ian and Kathy had never played this game before, but they really enjoyed it... It is a very simple game,  not a lot of thinking involved, but we had laugh after laugh.  Such a good fun morning togehter...

Ian and Kathy Playing Zilch
Where are all those one's and Five's...
That throw was a good one...
My turn...
Ian goes for the big scores
So does Steve
 We pretty much played till lunch time...  Lots of good laughter medicine too. 
I was feeling pretty tired after lunch so decided to head back to the cabin for a snooze.  Steve wanted one too.  We found this cute little fellow on our bed when we went back today... Wouldn't you just love one...
Cute little puppy towels neatly laying on our bed..
How cute is he..
Such a sweet little face...
 We pretty much slept till dinner time.  I think all of the walking and exploring over the last few days had totally worn us out.  Tonight was dress up night at dinner again... We were a little more casual tonight..
Ian and Steve at dinner
Cathy and I at dinner...
 Our meals were always lovely in the restaurant, and we were really looked after.  I think I could have gone here for every meal.
My Entree
Kathy's Entree
Steve's Entree
There was another amazing show after dinner again, and we were there.  I think that this one was perhaps one of my favourites...
 So much so that I have a heap of photos to show for it...
The show was entitles "Life as We Know It" and it was good.  Even the Paradise Circus performed in it. 

 We had to make the late show tonight as we couldn't get an early dinner.  It didn't matter as we had all had an afternoon nap.  In fact we were still feeling wide awake after the show, that we decided to go and sit in the Atrium for an hour or so and listen to the band there before retiring for the night..
Band Music in the Atrium till late at night. 
We could afford to sit up a bit as we didn't need to make it an early morning agian the following morning...
Only one more full day on the boat and then our wonderful holiday would be over.


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