Saturday, August 16, 2014


Chloe spent last weekend in Brisbane too...
They had their annual work ball at the Town Hall in Brisbane...
Very upmarket...
They usually have a theme for their balls, and this year it was the 1920's.  They all looked amazing...
It seems a good night was had by all.
This post is just a picture post of their wonderful night...

Chloe dressed for the Ball
It's the 1920's
Her new shawl
Abbey and Chloe
1029's style
Chloe with Phil and Janine and Abbey
Abbey, Chloe and Janine
Abbey, Chloe and Janine
Phil and Janine
Abbey and Chloe
Abbey and Chloe
Chloe with her friend Amy
Abbey, Chloe and Phil
Chloe and Phil
Chloe and Phil
 The setting was really lovely...
It was held in the nearly renovated Town Hall in Brisbane.
Table Centres
Menu for the evening. 
Drinks for the night
Their hats
 Their official photos.
Rockhampton Office
Cardno Rockhampton Staff
Party night for their office...
Chloe with her boss Camo
My gorgeous girl...
Chloe with Matt one of her work mates
The beautiful town Hall..
 Sounds like it was a really great  night... Please to have these photos...


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