Tuesday, October 13, 2015


We have been going flatout for almost a week now, so decided to have a relatively quite day today.  This was made easier by the fact that some of the things we had planned for Charleville, were either booked out already, or don't operate on a Friday which was the only day we were going to be here. 

It was also our first chance to get some washing done too, so we decided to have a day in today to get on top our our laundry and housework, and also just to have a good rest.   We were booked into Bailey Bar Caravan Park in Charleville,  A great park,  well kept, great amenities block, although open to the elements and quite cold when the weather is cool like it was when we were there. 

We had a cooked leisurely breakfast, because we weren't in a hurry to go anywhere and becasue we could.  Kathy and I got our loads of washing on whilst the boys cooked bacon and eggs for us for breakfast. 

I used the day to catch up on my journal and photos.  Ian and Steve went looking for a hardward store to get a few things to do some repairs on the vans.  Kathy read,  and I had a nap.  Steve also headed back out to check out the local fishing shop and he discovered this really great little bakery where he picked up some fresh bread for lunch and some wonderful apple slices for us all.

We made a few phone calls and booked into the Bilby Presentation for that evening.  It was pretty cheap only $10 a head and very interesting.  By mid afternoon we were all feeling refreshed and decided that we would head out to explore some of Charleville.

 We headed to the Graham Andrews Park where the Vortex guns were, and also where there were beautiful ponds which plenty of birdlife. 

Visiting the Graham Andrews Park in Charleville
The geese were very friendly

 We came across a Mother duck and all her little ducklings.  They were so cute...
Mother duckling and all her little ducklings.
Off they wander with their Mum.
 Ian and Kathy were busy taking photos,  but I am sure that the geese thought that Ian and Kathy could supply them with a good feed. 
The geese checking out Ian and Kathy
Lots of Windmills out west.

We found the Vortex guns and checked them out. 
The Vortex guns
These guns were supposed to break up the clouds and bring rain
Vortex Guns

Checking out the Federation Walk
Lovely walk way
 One of the things we want to go and see in Charleville was the Cosmos Centre.  We had heard really good reports about it, but unfortunately it was completely booked out for the next couple of nights so unfortunately we were unable to go see it.  We did go for a drive though to see the Cosmos Centre.
It was a bit of a treat as we saw a paddock full of camels. 
Camels out near the Cosmos Centre in Charleville
Cosmos Centre in Charleville
The real and the make beleive
It's amazing what you can do with a few horseshoes
Cosmos Centre
  There were quite a few kangaroos just grazing here...
Kangaroos grazing at the Cosmos Centre
Cute fellows.... seen too many slaughtered lately.  Feeling sorry for the poor little things. 
 We had booked in to see the Bilby Experience and it was due to start at six, so we had to head off so as not to be late for it.
These are special little creatures who almost became extinct....
The Bilby Experience
Arriving for the Bilby Experience in Charleville
Such cute little creatures
 They are actually a little smaller than I realized.  They are not much bigger than a large rat.   The first part of the evening saw us watching a video about the Bibly Project and hey they raised money to build the Bilby fence to protect these beautiful little creatures from predictors and from extinction.
Really these little creatures should multiply rapidly, as the whole gestation period of the bilby is only 14 days.
The program was going really well with them releasing 300 odd bilbies back into the wild in the fenced area.  Unfortunately the floods of 2011 destroyed the protect as water lay in this area for quite some time and rusted out parts of the fence.  It has taken quite a bit of time to repair it all and the area is still not free from vermon and predictor.  They are hoping to have the bilbies back in the enclosed area again in the next six months or so.  It was really interesting to hear all about it and the passion of those involved in the project.  

 The bilbies wake at sunset,  they are nocturnal animals, and are very active at night.  I could not get over how quickly these little creatures move. 
Sunset - the time the bilbies wake and become active...
 They were very hard to photograph as they move so quickly, and you can't use a flash....
Those adorable little bilbies
Busy running around
There were about five of them in this area. 
 We stayed behind for quite a bit of time after everyone else had left to keep watching the bilbies.  they were a lot more active and you could see them a lot more after everyone else left. 

It was a beautiful night, under a full moon,  just feeling really thankful and appreciative of our time away. 
Lovely moonlight night
 Before leaving we did do a little bit of shopping in the gift shop.  We bought Willow a lovely Bilby T Shirt, and Kathy also bought one for one of her grandson's whose birthday was the week after they arrived home.  She also found a really lovely story book about Bilbies for him as well. 
Goodbye little bilby
It was probably close to 8pm before we left.  We still hadn't had dinner and thought we might find some take aways.  We soon discovered that if we were going to rely on having take aways we were going to starve as we couldn't find one take away place open in all of Charleville.

In the end we headed home and just whipped up some toasted sandwiches for dinner.  We had a great night and really enjoyed learning more about the Bilbies.  We had a pretty early night as we are back on the road again in the morning...

Highlights of my day:
1.  Lovely relaxed home cooked breakfast shared with good friends.
2.  Clean washing flapping on the clothesline.
3.  Time out to relax...
4.  Lovely walk around the park and enjoying the bird life.
5.  Learning more about the bilbies and appreciating seeing them in real life.
6.  Freedom to explore...
7.  Fresh bread from the bakery...

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