Sunday, April 17, 2016


On the Saturday afternoon we were there, Sarah decided to do a science experiment with Willow in the front yard.  She had picked this one up cheap at Aldi for about $2 so thought it might be fun to do it with Willow...

Fun wasn't the word.  Willow loved it and I have some awesome videos of her getting ready for this rocket to blast off into outer space.  When i find out how to post them I will post one here...
She was hilarious as she counted it down to launch off....
Such a mammoth effort put into the count down and then the rocket fizzles into the sky.

Sarah did it first to demonstrate how it works and then it was Willow's turn. 

Sarah explaining it all to Willow

The pump up starts
Ready for blast off. 
Hoping I can load this video

 Lots of fun...
Even more fun for the onlookers...


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