Sunday, December 4, 2016


One of the things that Sarah wanted to do whilst we were in Denmark was visit a Viking Museum, so this is what we decided to do today....

We decided to head to Roskilde ( a 40 minute drive from Copenhagen) to visit the Viking Museum.  Maria and her sisters were going to join us, but Dudi wasn't feeling well so in the end she decided to stay home and rest. 

Willow was hyped up this morning and terribly uncooperative.  The poor child had been on the go constantly and I think she was just plain exhausted, so I decided that I would stay home with her so that Sarah wouldn't miss out and I know this was the one thing she wanted to do whilst visiting Denmark. 

In the end Maria and Hanna decided that they would have a girls day at home and they would babysit the children, so that the rest of us could still go.   It was really lovely of them and we really appreciated their kindness. 

We left home around 11am.  The drive to Roskilde was lovely,  The Viking Museum was a real treat and it was a shame that Willow missed it as she would have really loved it.   There were heaps of activities for the children to do. 

We also got to check out the Museum and check out the six Viking ships that have been archeologically found and reconstructed.  There was plenty of written material about the history of the Vikings which made for interesting reading telling us about Viking times. 
They also had some Viking dress up clothes which allowed us to become real Vikings for a small amount of time... long enough to document it all

 There were lots of activities to do and both Sarah and Brenda pressed a Viking coin and made a bracelet to use it on.. Just a small memento of their Viking experience.
 We decided to pay a little extra and have a real Viking experience by going out onto the harbor in a Viking boat.We all had to row our way out, and the Steve got to hoist the sail.  The sail around the harbour lasted approximately an hour, and it was something that I really enjoyed..
 There were lots of hands on things that you could do here,  and Sarah decided to have a go at boat building....  She had a guide that explained the different techniques to here and showed her what to do... Of course we documented it all.
 We were going to have lunch here but rain out of time, so had an ice cream instead.
 We pretty much had to leave straight after our Viking boat cruise as we had to be back in Copenhagen as we were having dinner at Heidi's and Rune's place (Maria's brother and sister in laws place).  They had planned an early dinner (5pm) to cater for the children.  We arrived home at a little after 4.30pm which then made it a bit of a rush to be bathed, dressed and organised for us to be at Heidi's and Runes for dinner,

Maria came in the car with us to show us where to go... Rune and Heidi's place is probably smaller than Peter and Maria's place but the hospitality was enormous.  Willow and their Max had a wonderful time playing together.  Willow especially loved Max's cubby house which was built above his bed.

Heidi is a fantastic cook.  We had a wonderful meal at their place.  Roast Chicken, and some of the most amazing roasted home grown vegetables.  It was fantastic...
The boys took both the children for a walk to the lolly shop and allowed them to buy their own bag of lollies each.  This is a real treat for Willow.

After dinner Rune and Heidi decided to treat us to Copenhagen's best ice cream.  The ice cream was really GOOD. It is so good that people line up right down the street to get some...  Apparently it is always like that at this store...

In Denmark, every time you buy an ice cream, they put Guf on top.  This is like a very sticky sweet melted marshmallow.  Some places it is nicer that other places,  so places it is just s sickly sweet.  This shop had one of the nicer ones which just tasted like uncooked pavlova.

It was almost 10pm by the time we left here.  We had to make a quick dash back to Rune and Heidi's to collect our gear.  It was a really late night for the children.  There is just no routine for them over here.... They are coping remarkably well considering there is very little routine...

It is hard to believe that Sarah and the children only had one full day left in Copenhagen.  This past fortnight has just flown.  We are going to be sad to have to say goodbye to them..


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