Tuesday, August 8, 2017


We were very keen to leave early this morning as we had over 300kms to travel and we had heard that you need to get to Daly Water’s Pub by lunchtime if you want to be sure of a powered site…  Therefore, we all set off at 8.15am this morning where we travelled to Elliott, which was 150kms away.  John needed fuel here so we had a fuel and toilet stop.  Elliott is a very sad town,  it is more like a very run down aboriginal community, with houses falling to bits,  clutter and mess everywhere,  one shop that also doubled as a service station.  No nice parks or anywhere to take a break, so we kept driving.  At least without stopping for morning tea it meant we arrived at Daly Water’s Pub by lunchtime. 

One of these mosters passing us... They go on for ever..
 There is some pretty big road trains traveling the highway in the Northern Territory and it is not uncommon for one of these beauties to sail right on past you.  I hate it when they pass because you can feel the pull on your own vehicle and van...
 The vans were already queuing up waiting to enter.  This is not a place where you can ring ahead and get them to book you a spot.  Hundreds of vans pour in here each day.  Once you book in at reception, you wait in a queue and a bloke on a motor bike directs you to where you are going to be parked.  We are in a queue (thankfully at the front) and our queue is 5 vans deep with more vans parked horizontally behind us.  It will be interesting to watch it all empty out tomorrow.
Vans packed in like a tin of sardines
Our vans all in a row, bumper to bumper
Our row was 5 vans deep..
As we got here at lunchtime, we had a quick bite to eat, and a chat together outside.  In three days, we have gone from -3 degrees to 35 degrees in the shade today.  What a contrast in temperatures.
Home of the entertainment
Thousands of thongs
Then there were the hats

 Most of us ended up having a rest in the air con for a couple of hours until the temperature cooled down.  Kathy, Barb and I then went for a walk around the pub (to take photos of course).  Barb had been here before so she led the way showing us the points of interest.  This really is a way out pub… Definitely, an icon what is worth the visit…

It is pretty expensive to stay here considering that most of the amenities are primitive, but I guess that is the character of the place….  There are no amenities blocks as such; just a whole heap of little corrugated iron dressing sheds which house both a toilet and a shower.  The water was piping hot though and there was plenty of it….

Checking out the amenities

Barb and Kathy at the Iconic pub
Traffic lights in the outback
The iconic pub
The iconic Daly Water's Historical Pub
We booked in for this..
 Inside the pub has to be seen to be believed...

Totally covered in stickers bras and whatever you can think of
The bras hang over the main bar
Kathy and Barb in the pub
Being served at the bar
There were jersey's hanging everywhere
Money all over the walls
Definitely cashed up here

Even a piano for Ian to have a bash on if he wants
The old cash register
Even had someone coming down out of the ceiling

It was 35 degrees here today, so Kathy, Barb and I went looking for the pool.  Thought we would have a quick dip to cool off before dinner.  That is until we put our foot in the water and realized that it was freezing cold...

When we booked in, we also bought the Steak and Barra meal deal for dinner…It is quite expensive, but as John and Barb have been here before, they suggested that we buy one meal for $32, and then just a salad plate for $14, and we could then share the Steak and Barra between each couple.  Sounded like a good plan.

I am so thankful that we did, as the meal was huge, and we were both quite full after eating dinner this way.

Night entertainment went for about 4 hours...
Bit of good old sing a long country and western
Night atmosphere
Staff all got involved and joined in as well
Enjoying ourselves whilst we waited for our meals
Singing along
Enjoying our evening..
 There was live music and entertainment, and the place had a good vibe.  Dinner was served quickly, and we sat and enjoyed the music for a good hour or more after dinner.

New musician at 7pm and he was a little more contemporary

The street outside the pub was well lit also with flashing coloured lights, so we enjoyed a little street dancing before calling it a night….
Ian and Kathy getting into the groove
Steve and I having a dance

 Would I come back again, I am not sure….

However, I can say we have really enjoyed our stay here, and it was definitely worth coming to experience it at least once. 
You are packed in like sardines though in the Caravan Park, and if you want a quick getaway in the morning, I am not sure how that would work, as you are in rows and rows of vans, bumper to bumper….
At least we don’t have to leave too early tomorrow as we are only going to Matarranka, which is only a little, over an hour down the road….


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