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Steve was really keen to go for a fish and try and catch a Barramundi… He had given us fair warning that he wanted to do this Friday morning, as he didn’t want to be out at Ivanhoe Crossing on the weekend when all the locals were there.  Ian wanted to stay home and catch up on writing some postcards, and Kathy and I were keen to do a heap of washing whilst we had few washing machines to wash with.  We wanted to do all our sheets, towels, doona covers and clothes, so I think between us we had about five loads to do.  Staying here has saved us a heap of money on washing…

I was a little nervous about Steve going out fishing on his own in croc infested country, but he assured me he would be fine and I could ring him every half hour or so and he would answer the phone and if he was right in the middle of dragging in the big one would ring me back.  He also assured us that he would be home by lunch time as we still had things we wanted to see that afternoon in Kununurra itself.  
Happy Chappy
 I was surprised when he arrived home a little after 11am, as I really didn’t expect him home till lunch time.  He walked in with a smile from ear to ear so I figured he had had a very good morning…

Showing Ian and Kathy his catch
In two hours he had landed four big barramundi fish, although he only kept one as we have no cold fridge space to store too much.  He was actually the talk of the caravan park as quite a few people saw me taking photos of him with his fish.  The guys camping on either sides of us, headed out to Ivanhoe crossing that afternoon and the following morning in the hope of landing a big one also, but they had no success.   Guess what we were going to have for dinner that night.

By the time Steve had gutted and filleted the fish, and washed the car it was after lunch.  We had really wanted to go out and check out the Zebra Rock Art Gallery.  Zebra Rock can only be found in this part of the world, and some of the patterns in it are really quite stunning…
A visit to the Zebra Rock Gallery
Zebra Rock - the Kimberley's is the only place in the world it can be found.
Amazing patterns in the rock
Zebra Rock Jewellery

We really didn’t go out there with any intention of buying anything, but rather just to see, but in the end, we ended up buying the girls a necklace each made with the zebra rock, and then Steve bought a beautiful pair of silver and gold boab tree earrings for me for my birthday.  Something to remind me of the wonderful holiday we have all shared in this part of the country.

Buying a few gifts.

Showing us some of the exquisite zebra rock.
Love it
The afternoon was fast drawing to a close and we still hadn’t got to Mirimi National Park yet.  This national park is right in the heart of Kununurra and is little a mini bungle bungles.  Just stunning, and the walks are well signed with boardwalks to walk along.  I went for a short walk about the plant board walk and found the sign boards really interesting to read, especially with the plant knowledge and how the Aboriginal people used these plants. 

Mirima National Park is right in Kununurra

They call them the mini Bungle Bungles
The moon had already started to come up by the time we got there...
You can see the moon above these mini Bungle Bungles.
Ian and Kathy climbing up to the lookout to see the sunset
Mini Bungle Bungles
Looking down on the Mini Bungles Bungles
More of those awesome mini Bungle Bungles..

Steve, headed up to the look out to take some photos of the sun setting. Ian and Kathy followed him up, and the views were superb.  They managed to get some photos of rocks that really did look like the Bungle Bungles.  They were massive,  I can’t begin to imagine what the real Bungle Bungles must look like if these were the mini ones…

Sunset in Kununurra
By the time we left, the sun had set, so it was home to have dinner. 

On the way back to the car, Steve took the loop walk past a lot of the signed plants, and came across a colony of these little frogs.  

 Steve had to cook the fish for us for dinner, and I have to say,  there is nothing like fresh Barra, grilled on the BBQ, it just melted in our mouth.
Cooking up the Barra for dinner
He cooked it to perfection - mouth watering..
still a happy chappy
Tomorrow is our last day in Kununurra and we plan to head up to Wyndham and check out the five rivers lookout.  We want to get away early, so that we can see a few other things as well, and then get back before the shops close so that we can stock up on a few staples before heading off bush for a few days…


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