Thursday, October 19, 2017


It is nice to be settled in a town or city for more than a day or two,  and it was while we were here that we were able to catch up with one of my Scrap of Faith friends, Gayle and her family.  
Outside of "Dreambuilders" Church in the Swan Valley
We were able to join them for church at “Dreambuilders” in Perth.  It was a great service. Special for Gayle as she had all her family members there, included her husband’s family who were over from Melbourne for a few days,  and her daughter, son in law and grandson who normally attend a church closer to where they live.  

For us it was nice to just be able to attend church as we have missed being a part of a churcdh family whilst on the road.  Ian and Kathy have been fortunate that they have had quite a few members of their home church keep in touch with them on a regular basis, and also their services can be accessed on podcasts each week.  
 The service at “Dreambuilders” was refreshing to say the least.  They had a guest speaker, Melinda Dwight who is one of the CEO’s of the Alpha Courses Australia.  She spoke on Psalm 84,  and we found her words insightful and refreshing and a real word from the Lord.  Just what we both needed.
    Murray and Gayle had invited us to join them for Lunch after the service.  It was nice to actually get to meet Gayle’s husband Murray and her girls and extended family, and we had a great time with them.

 Murray received his Christmas present for Gayle and the girls early, and was keen to go to the park and fly his new drone.  They had mentioned to Steve to brings his also, so the boys happily went down to some park lands to have a fly.  Murray’s Dad, Kevin, also joined us.  He would also very much like to get one

It was a great confidence builder for Steve who hasn’t really flown his much.  Nearly losing it in Emerald, had made him a little nervous about flying it in windy conditions, so it was good to spend time with Murray and get some useful helpful hints in flying it.   Boys with their toys.  Gayle and I obviously had out camera’s out so we could record their time together with the drones.  

Gayle and I

We left Murray and Gayle mid afternoon, so that they could get continue their family games tradition and we headed off to the Patsy Durack Rose Gardens where we were to meet Ian and Kathy for afternoon tea. 

Scones, Jam and Cream
AFternoon tea
These rose gardens are quite spectacular and are only open to the public on a Sunday.  There was a $10 admission charge, with most of the money being given to Cancer Fundraising.   Afternoon tea could be had on the verandah overlooking the rose gardens and it was a perfect setting for a nice relaxed afternoon. 
 There was so lovely classical music being played in the background and we were served our afternoon tea of homemade scones, jam and cream, all tastefully set out with a floral napkin and a rose petal in the cream.  

Perfect way to end another perfect day.  Ian and Kathy left us after we enjoyed our afternoon tea, and then Steve and I spent the last hour of the afternoon wandering around the rose gardens, taking time out to smell the roses.  

Weather wise it was another perfect day, blue skies, sunshine and warm weather and to end the day a beautiful sunset. 

Unfortunately that is about to change as rain and the wind is predicted again for tomorrow.   There is still so much we want to do around Perth, that even if we were able to stay another week, I doubt that we would see it all. 


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