Monday, October 23, 2017


We are a bit van bound today…. Our car goes in for it’s second service since hitting the road.  We have now done over 16,000kms since leaving home with quite a few more to do before we get home.    It is still quite overcast this morning with a shower here and there.  As this is our last day in Perth today, we are keen to get our washing all done and up to date.  I need to also wash all our sheets.  

Normally we would have our washing in the machines first thing, but were a little reluctant to get it in too early this morning, as it still looked like we might have some more showers.    Who wants to hang out all their clean washing and then have it rained on.  Not us.  We need to have it washed, on the line and dried as quickly as possible.  

Therefore, one it was washed,  we wanted to be close by because even a hint of rain would have had us running to get it off the line before it got drenched again. 

It was good to have a chilled out day at home anyway to catch up on a few jobs that we wanted to have done.  

Our car wasn’t ready until almost 3pm,  it ended up needed a little more work done to it than we had planned which kind of threw our budget way out of the window for this last week in Perth.  Still one can’t travel this wonderful country until their vehicle is in good shape.  

When we were in Jurien Bay, Steve had ordered a part for his drone and had it sent to Click and Collect at Woolworths in Karrinyup which ended up being almost 30kms from where we were staying.  He got a message to say it had arrived, so once we got the car back, we took off for a drive across to the other side of Perth to collect it.  It was close to 7pm before we got home. Not an exciting day today, and no photos to show for it.  

It was a good thing that our parcel arrived today because it meant that we could move on in the morning and head further south.

Our destination after Perth was to be Mandurah.  Rockingham almost seemed to close to Perth to warrant a stay there.   As Mandurah was less than 100kms from Perth, we didn’t need to be up and gone early.  In fact it was closer to 10am before we left.  

We decided to take the more scenic drive along the coast to Mandurah today.  It was slightly longer but a very nice drive.  We had planned to stop in Rockingham for morning tea and just to have a bit of a look around the place.  
Massive big grain silo's
Large conveyor belts that take the grain out to the ships
 We fell in love with Rockingham,  such a pretty place and right on the beach,  lots of park land right on the water front, and plenty of shaded picnic tables and  adventure playgrounds from the children.  I must say that one of the things that WA does well, is it’s foreshores along the coastline.  We have been pretty impressed with it the whole way down the coast. 

Our stop for morning tea this morning....
Looking across the bay to Rockingham
We decided that even though we were staying in Mandurah we would be back to Rockingham as they we were interested in doing the Penguin Island Cruise the following day.

We arrived in Mandurah mid afternoon and booked into the Mandurah Caravan and Tourist Park.  What a great park… We have been really blessed with our accommodation lately and this park was no exception.  Wonderful friendly helpful staff, immaculate park, green grass sites,  spotless amentities.  It is the sort of park we could stay in for a week, if only we had time….
Look who decided to visit us in Mandurah... He sat for quite a while on our awning

 We are here for two nights, so I guess that is better than nothing,…

After setting up our vans, we headed for a drive in to Mandurah to the lookout over the water.  Steve and I then went for a nice long drive up the coast, before coming back into town and having a good look around town. 

Lookout at the mouth
Heading home....
We think this is another awesome spot,  so pretty… 
 We decided to go and check out a few of the beaches before heading home, and found ourselves at Blue Bay where we watched the sun set over the ocean.  I don't think I will ever get enough of the sun setting over the ocean.  It is always quite spectacular. 
Another stunning sunset over the ocean
 Ian and Kathy took their car and went for a separate drive.  They had been here 8 years ago so for them, they were doing a nostalgic drive revisiting places they saw on their previous trip. 

Another great day in this pretty amazing State……


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