Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Thankfully, I woke up feeling much better this morning.  Obviously, it was some 48hr virus we had picked up, as the dizziness had gone and so pretty much had the aching body. 
We were on the road again today, but didn’t have to rush too much as our destination was Busselton, with a stopover in Bunbury on the way.   

Busselton is less than 150km from Mandurah, so we have decided to make Busselton our base whilst we explore a little of the southwest corner and Margaret River. 

Morning Tea in Bunbury
Our first stop today was Bunbury where we set our Navman to the Bunbury Lighthouse.  We figured that by setting it to there we would come across a beach somewhere close, which we did.  

We arrived at Wyalup Rocky Point in time for morning tea.  Wyalup Rocky Point is has extensive basalt rock formations which were deposited thousands of years ago by flowing lava and now create a distinct and eye catching feature on the Back Beach.
The landscaped picnic area overlooking the basalt were the perfect place for us to stop for morning tea. 
Bunbury Lighthouse
Wild flowers grow on the footpaths
 From here, it was just a short walk up the hill to the iconic checkered Bunbury Lighthouse.   This lighthouse is relatively new.  There have been multiple styles and alterations to previous lighthouses that were used in Bunbury to guide the ships safely into Koombana Bay.  This present lighthouse was built in 1970.  The height of this lighthouse is 37m above sea level and is visible for 20 kms in clear weather. 

 We walked a little further up the hill until we came to Marlston Hill where we climbed the lookout tower for spectacular panoramic views over Bunbury, the Harbour and Koombana Bay.  This lookout stands proudly on the site of the original Bunbury lighthouse.
We called this the Dog Building as we thought it looked a bit like a dog.
Ian and Kathy at the top of the tower...
Even I managed to get right to the top...
Views from the Lookout Tower

We walked a little further up the hill until we came to Marlston Hill where we climbed the lookout tower for spectacular panoramic views over Bunbury, the Harbour and Koombana Bay.  This lookout stands proudly on the site of the original Bunbury lighthouse. 

Built as part of Western Australia’s Bicentennial celebrations in 1988, the lookout tower was the perfect vantage point to see the city of Bunbury, several popular beaches, the breakwater and all of the activity within the harbour.   From here, we watched a ship being bought into the harbour.  

It was a quick walk back to our cars and then back on the road again.  We tried as much as possible to drive along the coast, where the views were quite stunning.  The colours of the water down here are a rich blue and turquoise and rival that of Ningaloo Reef area of the coast.

Getting ready for sunset  on our our own private little beach
The giant chair
Sunset on the beach in Geographi
Enjoying a fish straight off the rocks in front of oii
Lots of people socialize out here on an afternoon.
He's nothing but a big kid..

 Whilst we were in Litchfield National Park in August, we had met a couple from Mandurah who had told us about a strip of church camping sites along Caves Road in Busselton where you could often camp quite reasonably, so we decided to check this out.  The Anglican Camping Grounds, offered powered caravan sites with water for $25 a night so we rang ahead and booked in there for at least three nights.  

We were amazed at the number of church camping sites along this stretch of the road.   Apparently, it is called the Busselton’s Holy Mile.   We drove past a long list of them, The Uniting Church Campsite, Church of Christ, Abundant Life, Brethren Camp site, Catholic Campsite, Scripture Union Camp Site, Anglican Campsite, Grace Campsite and the Seventh Day Adventist Campsite.  

We didn’t expect a lot from the campsite we had booked into as it was only $25 per night but what a surprise we were in for.  This campsite is way better than a lot of the caravan parks we stayed in, and it is right on the beach.  No roads to cross over, you walk out of your van over a grassed picnic area that belongs to the Campsite and you are straight on the beach.  Steve is loving it.  He goes down most mornings before we got out for a fish, and then when we get home at the end of the day, he is back down there fishing for an hour or two.  It is wonderful.  The amenities are amazing,  all brand new, lots of space, lots of hooks in the shower and a lovely long bench,  plenty of hot water and great pressure.  We have decided to stay longer and make this our base to see a lot in this area of Western Australia.  One of the other bonuses for us is that washing here is only $2.

When we arrived, all the other campers in the area we are camped in greeted us.  Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming, and inviting you over for drinks.  It has a real community and family vibe about the place.  Feel like we have hit the jackpot.  Feeling incredibly blessed and thankful. 

Did I say that we really LOVE this place. 


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