Tuesday, October 3, 2017


We left Dampier early and traveled for a couple of hours until we got to Fortescue Roadhouse where we stopped for morning tea.  Fortunately we didn’t have to get fuel, because the roadhouse was closed due to a power outage and they were unable to open their front doors.  

They missed out on quite a bit of business because of this, because even whilst we were there, several cars and vans pulled in to fuel up.  It didn’t really affect us, we found a picnic table, so were able to pull up and have our cuppa, and toilet break before taking off again. 
It was quite a long drive to the Nanutarra Roadhouse. 

We sat under the shady trees for lunch
Ian and Kathy
Our van
 This place was much nicer and almost seemed like a bit of an oasis, as they had nice green lawns, picnic tables under trees and we were able to have our lunch there.  The price of fuel was pretty reasonable also, although we didn’t need to fuel up.  The roadhouse also had quite a nice caravan park attached to it as well. It even had a pool that looked very refreshing. The temperatures were up near the 40 degree mark again today, and even in the shade of the trees we could still feel the hot wind.  I am pleased that we have had a couple of days of travelling in an air conditioned car in this heat.

Arriving at Bullara Station
Road into Bullara
The shearing shed was also the meeting place

From here we pushed on to Bullara Station which was to be our destination for today.  What a great spot this was to camp.  Bullara Station is actually a working cattle and sheep station, and whilst the cattle were in the front paddock, the sheep wandered around amongst the campers, and you really did get a feeling that you were on a station.  

We loved the rustic feel to the place,  everything was old, corrugated iron sheds, even the toilets and showers were in keeping with the outback theme.

They were friendly enough

We camped in the generator camping area even though we didn’t use our generators as we were only there for one night.  The toilets and showers in our section were called the “Lava Trees”, and they certainly reflected life in the bush.
Our amenities block
Shower head

The Hot Water system
 Although we had a flushing toilet,  the shower was rigged up using a couple of trees, with a curtain around it.   The shower head was a bucket with holes in the bottom of it,  the towel hooks were horse shoes welded to the metal frame of the showers, and there was not roof on the block.  If you went to the toilet at night, you had a brilliant view of the starry heavens above.  
Our camping spot
Some of the other showers in the powered area.
the Hung Over Tree
Camp Kitchen - all new appliances
Laundry with the old clothes lines
the new bathrooms
Light fittings in new bathrooms
Still liked our amenities better..

The one thing we loved about Bullara, was the way they included all their campers in a get together each evening, whether it be a damper night or hamburger night,  everyone got to gether at the shearing shed around 5pm each afternoon, and you really got to meet the other campers that were staying there.  John and Joy, the hosts, made it their business to come down and spend a couple of hours with everyone also, getting around chatting to all their campers.  The atmosphere here was great.
Friday night is Hamburger night
Enjoying our hamburgers

In the morning from 8.30am on they serve fresh scones and good coffee.  Proceeds from this going to a charity that they support, and again it is a great opportunity for you to meet and mingle with other like minded campers.  You also gleam great information from these guys who have often come from the areas you are heading too.  We really enjoyed our time here….

It was after 7pm before we got back to our vans and we still hadn’t organised anything for dinner…. Too late to defrost anything, so it was scrambled eggs for us all tonight, but boy did they taste good.  

Tomorrow we meet up with Barb and John again in Exmouth, where they have been staying for the past couple of days.   We are all off to camp in Cape Range National Park at North Mandu for the next three nights. Ningaloo Reef here we come…


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