Saturday, December 2, 2017


It was good being able to remain hitched at Fraser Range Station the previous evening…. It meant that we were able to get away early just after 8am.  
Leaving Fraser Range Station...
Our destination tonight was to be Cockelbiddy. 

 It was an interesting drive today….
Belladonia's claim to fame... a piece of space junk....
Roadhouse at Belladonia
Roadtrain at the Roadhouse
Our first stop for the morning was a toilet stop at Belladonia.  It really is just a roadhouse, but this place made the most of its claim to fame, being the place where pieces of Skylab fell to Earth back in the 70s. There's bits of space-junk proudly displayed and I think it's probably the only time Belladonia has ever made the international news. Good for them!
Ian and Kathy at the longest straight stretch
Ready to cross the longest straight stretch of road in Australia
  Just after Belladonia along the Eyre Highway is a straight stretch of highway that is 146.6 kilometres long. The sign says it's the longest straight stretch in Australia but there were some others we've done whilst in this State that must run close. 

Royal Flying Doctors Emergency landing strip on the Nullabor

The interesting thing is that there are several places on these straight stretches that double up as airstrips for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Presumably police are sent to make roadblocks so unsuspecting motorists don't have planes land on top of them. It's different!

The  drive today wasn’t anywhere near as bad as we expected and the Nullabor so far is nothing like we expected it to be.  Fortunately for us, we have a tail wind which seems to push us along, as the time across this long stretch seemed to go pretty quickly.  For most of our journey today, there were storm clouds and flashes of lightning all around us.  We enjoyed watching the these amazing bolts of lightning as they lit up the sky and stuck the earth.
Morning tea at Caiguna

We passed through Caiguna where we saw signs for a  blowhole.  A look to the right would indicate that the coast was no where in sight, and as we associate blowholes with the coast, we decided to give it a miss especially as it looked like a dirt road in.  We were later to find out that it was an inland blowhole, or more like a breathing hole in a massive underground cave system, and it was right next to the highway.  We may have stopped to check it out had we of realized this. 

Our camp site in Cocklebiddy on the Nullabor
Sunset on a cloudy afternoon on the Nullabor
We arrived in Cocklebiddy mid afternoon and set up for the night close to the amenities and the cage with beautiful wedge tail eagles.  Cocklebiddy is in the middle of nowhere and is also a roadhouse with a caravan park attached to it. 

They had a sign out the front to say that it had a population of 8  and  It was pretty good value at $25 a night, with power, hot showers and toilets. 
We  were no sooner settled in our van when a massive storm struck  We were struck by  gale force winds which had the caravan rocking so much we thought we might take off or be blown over. It was really quite scary.   Fortunately it only lasted for 40 minutes or so and then it was all over.  I would have hated to have spent all night in a gale like that. 
We awoke the following morning to sunlight, but this didn’t last for too long.  It wasn’t long before the clouds rolled in, which didn’t worry us too much as it makes it much cooler traveling weather. 

Our campsite at Cocklebiddy right next to the wedge tail eagles
The wedge tail eagles

Our destination today was Eucla….

There were three more RFDA Emergency airstrips along the highway today and we also started to notice the animal signs along the side of the road…..
The weather continued to worsen the further east we went and we drove through some very heavy rain before finally arriving at Eucla.  We arrived just as a huge deluge of water dropped out of the sky…. In fact we only just managed to get indoors as the huge drops started.  We would have to wait for the rain to stop before putting down the legs and hooking up the power..
More airstrips along the Nullabor today
Typical landscape across the Nullabor today

It was wet when we arrived in Eucla

  Not much you could do this afternoon other than have a rest, as it was way to wet to go outdoors until later in the afternoon.

Our campsite at Eucla
Views at Eucla after the rain had cleared
Kathy talking to family back home...
Sand dunes visible for where we are camping at Eucla
The rain had cleared,... time to explore

 By 4pm, the skies started to clear, so we were able to get out of the van, finish setting up for the night and have a wander around the park to explore.  Once the clouds lifted, we had a lovely view of the ocean and sand dunes… 

Tomorrow we would explore the Overland Telegraph Station before leaving.


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