Monday, December 4, 2017

DAY 144 & 145 CEDUNA…..

Well the weather is not good today, so it makes it pretty easy to just chill out around the van…. We were in desperate need of getting some washing done, so even though the weather wasn’t the best, we needed to tackle it.    We got it almost dry on the line, but had to finish it off in the clothes dryer.  I really can’t complain too much as this is the first time since being on the road that we have had to do that.  

We had a few other jobs that needed to be done also, like posting some cards and doing a grocery shop.  That is the trouble with having a very small fridge, you just can’t buy anything in bulk.  You need to shop every four or five days.

There are no big supermarkets in Ceduna, only an IGA, but the one here is quite good with plenty of variety and reasonably priced, so we stocked up on our fruit and vegetables as once we had to get rid of it all before we crossed the border into South Australia.
We paid a visit to the Tourist Information Centre and got some more brochures to help us plan our trip around the Eyre Peninsula.  We are keen to slow things down a bit now, as we have just on a month to get to Melbourne for Christmas.  This trip so far has been pretty much go go go and Steve is keen to do a little bit of fishing.  

We had booked three nights here in Ceduna so that he could do just that, but the weather has been terrible,  it has honestly been blowing a gale now for a couple of months, so obviously this time of year is the wrong time to visit to the West if you want to fish…. For everything else it has been great….

It was too cold today to spend much time outdoors, so it ended up being an indoor kind of day. 

The next day wasn’t much better, It wasn’t quite as wet today, mainly a bit of a drizzle occasionally, but still windy and cold.  We did manage to get our washing dried on the line today.  Kathy and I both decided to wash our sheets and towels today.  We had only done our clothes yesterday because of the weather, so today we wanted to catch up on the rest, and seeing as the laundry here is so nice, we wanted to make use of it….
Denial Bay near Ceduna
Beach at Denial Bay was covered in sea grass
Steve caught his first lot of  King George whiting off this jetty
They have shelters like this on the beach everywhere to fillet your fish, but no covered picnic tables to have a picnic...

The smallest fish he caught

By afternoon we had cabin fever, so Steve and I decided to take a drive out to Denial Bay, to see if it was a little more shelted there as he still hadn’t thrown a line in.  He was really keen to catch some of those King George Whiting he had heard so much about…

I took a couple of magazines with me, because it was too cold and windy to sit on the beach, so whilst he went down to the jetty to fish, I sat in the car and read the magazines and did some of the puzzles in the back of them.

He probably fished for an hour or so and came back with a couple of King George Whiting, so he was indeed a happy chap. 
 On our way home we decided to go out and check out Pinky Point.  On the way out to Pinky Point we came across garden.  Obviously, the owners loves to create windmills, and he had such a huge array of them on his front fence.  Mostly they were made out of bike wheels with ice-cream cans and were decorated with plastic animals, Barbie dolls and homemade carved out animals.  Our grandchildren would have loved it.   

Pinky Point is where the  Harbour  is, so this is why we wanted to head there, to check out Ceduna a little more, we also went around to the boat ramp where the fish markets were.  Ceduna is a pretty little town situated on the water.  Even though the weather hasn’t been the best we have still enjoyed our time here.

The Ceduna Foreshore Caravan Park we are staying in is by far the nicest caravan park we have stayed in this whole trip.  It is being renovated and the owners are doing a fantastic job.  It was very reasonably priced at under $30 a night with full amenities, water, the lot.  This is cheaper than a couple of the spots we stayed at across the Nullabor.  It is so nice that I had to photograph it and I definitely recommend this park if you are in Ceduna. 

Our site - concrete slabs.  they are in the process of making sure everyone has one...
Ocean views from our site too.
Love their amenities sign
Lovely grassy area behind our van.
Camp kitchen was well decked out
Camp Kitchen
Even had a pizza oven
Beautiful new amenities block
No tacky signs on the wall, all well done like this one...
New hand dryers
big laundry with all new machines
Lovely big laundry...
Our view from our van - new slabs that had just been poured the day we arrived
behind our vans
All new

ocean views
I think staying in the beautiful van park we are in with ocean views has made it pleasant, and it is certainly a place we would love to come back and visit….


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