Saturday, December 30, 2017


The Danish girls arrived today, Chloe wanted us in early this morning as they wanted to take us out for breakfast at one of the little boutique cafes in their area.  She was also keen to get her apartment cleaned for Christmas, so we helped with the vacuuming and mopping of the floors so that we could get out.  

We had a lovely brunch (late breakfast early lunch) and sat for quite some time chatting about our holiday and life for Dan and Chloe in Melbourne since they have been married.  It was a really lovely morning...
Morning hot chocolate
My half eaten brunch
We were there till probably lunchtime.  I decided to walk back to their apartment as Dan, Chloe and Steve were going to head into the city to see if they could pick up a pair of new Sketches that Steve wanted to get for Christmas.  

Into the city they went
They caught the train in

I am so happy that I decided to stay home as they were gone over five hours walking around Melbourne City trying to locate these shoes for Steve.

Lovely big shopping centres in the city
It was good, because it gave me a chance to do a few jobs at home for Chloe, and also catch up on my blog which has been sorely neglected since we left Adelaide. 

I was feeling quite nostalgic  this afternoon... I am missing a very important event today and my heart is a little bit in Queensland with this little man who is celebrating his second birthday day.....
Max's 2nd Birthday Cake
He's a big boy now..... He is two
Riding his new balance bike he got for his birthday
It was after 5pm before they got home, and we still needed to go and do a big grocery shop for Christmas.   Whilst the guys stayed at home, Chloe and I took off to the local Woolies near her place.  I was expecting a little Woolworths store near her place, but it was in another big shopping Centre, at least several storeys high.  Fortunately we had a list and we only shopped from that list so we were able to get it all done within the hour.

By the time we got home it was almost time for Dan and Chloe to drive out to the airport to pick up Hanna and Julie, our Danish guests from Denmark.  I was left at home to get dinner ready for them all for then they returned.

It took a while for Dan and Chloe to find the girls, as they thought that the girls were coming into the International airport when actually they had flown in from Brisbane so were in the Domestic terminal.  It was probably closer to 11pm by the time they got home.   Meanwhile Steve was busily backing up his phone on the computer as we were about to get a new phone for him for Christmas.  

Again it was another midnight night before we left Dan and Chloes… These late nights are getting to us…. 

They are big days in Melbourne, but then again we are trying to squeeze in every moment we can with the kids….


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