Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Hearing that my sister had gone back down hill again, I decided to take a week off work and head down to Toowoomba.

I was fortunate in that we had a friend from Brisbane staying with us and she was heading home to Brisbane on the Saturday so I was able to hitch a ride with her to Brissie and Sarah was happy to drive me up to Toowoomba on the Sunday.

The added bonus was that I would get to see my grandchildren for a night and catch up with the girls also....

The drive down was very uneventful and we were in Gin Gin before we even realized it. 
We arrived in Brissie around 3pm just in time to catch Sarah and Colin and the children before they headed out to Sarah's broth-in-laws, 30th Birthday.  The kids were having a little play with a friend and she was delivering them back to me around 5.30 for me to bath, feed and put to bed...

One of the first things they requested from me as they came in the door was a "cup of tea".  Max never asks for it at home normally, but the moment either Steve or I arrive, he wants a cup of tea...
So so cute... Of course we had to use the mugs we got for them when we were in WA.

Enjoying a cup of tea
 I got to enjoy the beautiful flowers that Sarah had been sent earlier that week.  They were just delightful and really brightened up the room.  Mind you I love flowers so of course I was going to enjoy them.  

 My good friend Kathy joined me for the evening to watch the royal wedding...  Her husband wasn't interested and she wanted to see it.  Chloe and Dan also joined us, I think more to visit me than watch the wedding.  Chloe watched it but even though Dan sat in with us,  I am pretty sure he was keeping abreast of the football on his phone whilst we were watching....

 Every one loves a fairytale, here's hoping that Harry and Megan will enjoy a long and happy marriage.

Sunday morning we were up early,  we had to have the cup of tea again and I couldn't help but snap these photos of Max playing his drums.  His most favourite thing to do at the moment is use the kitchen bin as a drum kit and he will happily stand here for hours banging on them and singing his little heart out.  So precious.
 Had to take some photos of Willow also whilst she was doing her drawings.  She loves to write and draw. 

 Quick stop off for a coffee and hot chocolate and we were on the road....

Hot chocolate
 When ever we travel, we play a game to see who can suck their musk lifesaver down to the smallest ring.   Willow is getting very good at this and will give us both a run for our money.  She was pretty proud of herself. 
 Once Sarah had dropped me off to the hospital to see Jude, she caught up with her cousin and her family and Max and Ari had a wonderful time together.  Way too cute to watch.  Good little buddies. 
 Well I am now here for the week...
I must say it is over six years since we have spent a week together... It is so nice just to have time to chat and enjoy each other's company.  Fortunately Jude is well and truly on the mend.


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