Monday, November 16, 2009


I have never really been much of a card maker, but I have to admit, I have really been enjoying making cards this past couple of weeks. We have had a few people to thank, and at church we have a secret sister project going at the moment which means that a constant supply of cards will not go astray.
These are some of the cards that I have had fun making this week

Also managed to finish the rest of my Christmas cards - just got to add a bit of Kindy Glitz and they will be finished completely.
We have been running a "Secret Sister" program at church this last six months. We are given the name of someone else in the church and it is our responsibility to prayer for them and give them some small gifts and letters as an encouragement. Most of us don't know who our secret sister is and it will not be revealed until June next year.

Today, I made this little tea light candle holder for my secret sister, and I have added this verse to it as an encouragement to her.
It was actually quite easy to make. I just used an empty jam jar with a little bit of ribbon, flowers and bling added to it. It looks so effective. Thinking I might have to make a few more.

Look what I found when I was out shopping today.
I found these great cupcake toppers. I have been doing some research into toppers for cupcakes, and they are all so expensive ranging in price from 50cents each to over $2 each. Well I found these in Big W today for $2.45 each jar - enough in them to decorate a couple of dozen cupcakes. Real Bargain I would say. Here they are close up.
These little birds are so cute.
Saw these Crocodiles and thought they were too cute to pass up too.
And these fish - I can see a batch of cupcakes coming up for the guys from church to take next time they all go fishing - at least that way they can be assured of a feed of fish - even if they are the lolly variety on top of cupcakes.

I am hoping to make some cupcakes as gifts this Christmas - I have been looking around for ideas for decorating them - but in the process found these awesome cupcake papers from here
Think I might just have to order myself some of these. Then I found these - frightfully expensive but how cool do they look. You might be tempted if you had a very special occassion. I found these ones here.
In other news - Chloe has her cast off - after 8 long weeks, she now has to learn to walk again. We visited the Physio today- long list of exercises she must do to get her strength back. We also had to have her foot x-rayed again today and see the doctor. Unfortunately, her foot has not mended as it should and there is still a good chance that she will need surgery again in the next 4-6 weeks. They need for her now to start taking some weight through her foot. This will cause one of two things, either with the extra blood flow and circulation will cause her foot to heal, or it will cause the bone to break again and in that case she will need surgery to have it pinned. It will also probably mean that she will need to have it pinned in Brisbane as she will need to be seen by a specialist who understands neuropathy.

I have so many things to be thankful and grateful for this week.

1. Gloria Jeans
2. A new black fineliner which has been getting a real workover this week with all the card making
3, A glass of fresh cold water.
4. Fellowhip with new and old mates
5. air conditioning
6. The Gym Pool and getting to swim laps.
7. Fellowship with my online sisters at SofF.
8. That we have confidence that God is in control even though we don't always understand the things that happen arund us.
9. Truth because it really does set you free.
10. Card making and being able to use my creativity to bless others.


Katie November 17, 2009 at 5:11 PM  

Those cupcake toppoers are so cute! Think I may need to make a trip to Big W to pick up some myself!

Loving your cards too. And that's not good news about Chloe...praying that putting weight on her foot causes it to heal so she doesn't need surgery!

Carol November 18, 2009 at 1:03 PM  

Your cards are so cute. I have also been making a few cards lately, I guess quicker than doing a scrapbook page lol.

Love those little gummies.

Yes we are off to Canada again this year and really looking forward to it. Fletcher is now old enough that he remembers and really looks forward to it to.

Best wishes for Chloes foot.

Edleen November 18, 2009 at 2:45 PM  

Gloria Jeans..Yum!

oh my Karen, those cards are lovely! and you're so lucky to find those cupcake toppers and those cupcake holder!!! so pretty. the butterfly one reminds me of Hambly ;)

hope you're having a fun week!

Sal :-) November 20, 2009 at 9:02 AM  

Just LOVING your cards Karen!! :-D They are stunning.

Rbarakat November 22, 2009 at 2:43 AM  

I love those toppers and cupcake holder! How cute! What do you mean you are not good at cards? Those look fabulous! I have a hard time doing cards too - I would much rather do a page!

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