Sunday, December 13, 2009

On Holidays at last

After a very hectic week, I am finally on holidays for six glorious weeks. The last week of school was probably one of my busiest weeks as all resources must be returned to the Library and then all the curriculum boxes need to be ready for Teachers to collect so that they can prepare for next year. I finished at 4.15pm just in time to race home and grab Chloe and get her to work to start by 4.30pm. Quick visit to the chiropractor and by the time I got home I was absolutely shattered. I can't remember the last time I felt so very very tired and I had to be ready to go out for dinner by 6.30pm to go out for dinner with these amazing girls.
For most of us it was the start of the holidays. Christmas celebrations. This was our last get together before Christmas. We always have a great time together. Always plenty of stories and plenty of laughs.
For someone who was incredibly tired it was after 11pm by the time I got home. I did make sure though that I removed the phone from our bedroom as I intended sleeping in until I awoke the following morning. Silly me - never even thought about my mobile phone, it was in my handbag and sure enough at 6.30am, the first text message arrived and then 7,30am- a phone call for Chloe. So much for a sleep in.

It was stinking hot here all day yesterday, so we just chilled out in the air con and I read a book.
Tomorrow the real work begins. Spring cleaning here we come. The lounge and scrap area gets attached tomorrow so that we can finally put up our Christmas decorations. Tuesday, the Kitchen and dining room gets attacked.

Wednesday my office and Chloe's room, and then on Friday hopefully the cupboards and our rooms. Need to get the Christmas cards sent, and the yard cleaned too. I am sure it is going to be a busy few weeks.

Steve arrived home from fishing tonight - he has had four days away and got a good feed of fish and crabs so seafood is on the menu this week.

Things to be thankful for this week.

1. Blessed by good friends.
2. Air conditioning
3. A night out with my daughter
4. Our church family
5, Freedom of worship
6. The book of James
7. Safety on the water for Steve and his mates
8. Nice feed of seafood
9. A nice cup of tea
10. 6 glorious weeks of holidays.


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