Tuesday, March 12, 2013


i have been a slack blogger this month...
Life has just been busy....
Not a lot of exciting things have been happening just busy,

The one really exciting thing that happened though was that Sarah and Willow came to visit for a week.  It was great having them here.  It was so nice to wake up to cuddles and kisses, and smiles. and chuckles from our beautiful grand daughter.
Be prepared for a photo overload.....

Willow comes to visit
Are we bias grandparents or what
 Willow has grown so much since we had last seen her which was just a little over a month ago.  We cannot beleive the change, but the nicest part of it was the beautiful big smiles she was giving us. 
Those lovely smiles
She is so good at taking it all in.
Our darling
 Her beautiful Mummy... and contrary to her bekief that it is all about Willow these days, we do love having her at home also,,,,
My beautiful daughter and  Willow's Mummy
 and my lovely husband.....
My lovely Man was in his element with all the girls at home....

 I loved the afternoon cuddles and chuckles from Willow.  We would lay on the bed, and she was chat and smile all the time.  Precious memories...
Willow with Moppy
My beautiful girl.
Having a lovely conversation with me.  
The smiles are to die for....
 I told you there would be an overload of photos.  We just can't get enough of her....
Look at that cheeky face.
Beautiful big eyes. 
Just look at that face.... I LOVE IT...
 I honestly can't get over how much she has filled out.  She is no longer the skinny and long little bubba she was a month or so ago.  She has really filled out in the last month...
4 months
Our gorgeous girl
Full of smiles
Sso alert

She would spend ages just studying her fists. 
Beautiful beautiful Willow
Willow Grace
 And finally these photos were taken the morning they left.  Boy do I sure miss them both. 
Our final cuddles
I really do hate living so far away. 
 More to share but I think I will leave it to tomorrow evening.  Think I am going to head to bed early tonight....


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