Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Big week this last week as Chloe said goodbye to these....

Goodbye P Plates
After three years of driving she is now on an open licence and no longer does she have to wear these on the front and back of her car...
It was cause to celebrate this week.

She has been pretty busy with Red Frogs this week, especially since it is Orientation Week at Uni, so they have had quite a few programs going on at Uni to help support the new students...
Party Night at Uni - the big sleep over
On Sunday morning they cooked pancakes for the students....
Bright clad Red Frogs cooked up a pancake storm
Part of the Red Frogs team.
Not only has Chloe been busy but so has Pete
In the last week he has crossed off another of the things on his Bucket List by going sky diving...
All suited up with their Parachutes on
Pete went with a couple of the Danish girls he met in South America.  Presently they are touring Australia and have managed to catch up with Pete a couple of times now...
They have enjoyed picnics and sightseeing in Sunny Qld.
A visit to Mt. Tamborine
Visit to the Art Gallery
A visit to the Bird Sanctuary
Think he has enjoyed their visit and having the chance to share some on the attractions around this area.
He has also been doing a bit more writing... Well enjoying typing on his old typewriter
Vintage typewriter -  ah the good old days.
Typing a letter to his sister.
Time to call it a night...


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