Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I've been playing with paper again this past week, and enjoying every minute of it...
Think I am getting to the point that work takes up too much of my time...
I think I would love to have an extra day or two at home to play and sew..
Anyway I am really happy with the way these cards turned out.
Sharing these for you Sarah...
Love these baby cards....  have some more ideas to do some similar ones too...

Baby Boy - ribbon threaded through the punch out...
Baby Girl
 I love the simplicity of this next one.  Very easy to make and yet it looks really good in real life.
Birthday Card
Thank you card
 This next one is probably one of my favourites... the tree die cut is only new and I was keen to use it.  another very easy card to make and yet again I think it looks really nice.  Love the simplicity..
Birthday Card
 This last one was made from cut offs from a series of thank you cards I made last year for International Teachers Day.  I kept all the scraps and used them to make a few cards like the one below...
My rainbow card
 Flowers have arrived to this house this week.  Our red rose bush is in full bloom at the moment and my lovely husband is bringing in these gorgeous flowers from our garden for me...  Just love him and love getting these little surprises...
Red roses from our garden...
These grace my dining room table
I am using the bottle that I have covered for  a vase and love it...
 We thought we had lost this plant.... It seemed to die off a couple of years ago, but then this year with all the rain, it has shot up again.  Loving that it is growing again and enjoying seeing them in a vase on my dining room table..
On Sunday,  these were bought home for me...
I love fresh flowers and would have them in my home every week if we could afford them. 
Fresh flowers every week if I could
in my pretty jugs
Not sure what these are but they look nice in my arrangement
These green bud flowers look lovely too.
I am getting a little excited... only two more sleeps to go until these gorgeous girls arrive for a weeks holiday...  I so cannot wait.  It is six weeks since we have seen our gorgeous grand daughter and I know we are going to see a big difference in her..
Sarah and Willow
 Sarah took Willow to Southbank on the weekend and they enjoyed a swim together.  She is such a cutie all decked out in her swim gear...
Our little sun beauty
Oh my fist tastes so good.
Love these photos of Willow too wearing her Daddy's sunglasses
Wearing Daddy's glasses
Such a cutie.....
Can't wait for them to arrive.... lots of cuddles coming up.


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