Monday, May 27, 2013


My friend Jannett's daugher Kym is getting married this weekend.  Last weekend, the girls had a Bridal Shower for her down at Zilzie.  It was a great afternoon.  We played Ladies at a High Tea, and we all wore pearls... It was kind of the theme of the Shower...

Jannett and I
The girls had gone to a lot of trouble to have the place looking nice and the food was delicious...
Beautiful food spread

 It was a great group of people.... a good mix of family, friends of both the bride and her Mum
The guests

 We played some great games... One being thinking of solutions to disaster wedding situations.... Lots of laughs... quite a few of them involved stuff ups by the bridesmaid.  Anyone that knows Lana knows that if an accident is about to happen, she is in the thick of it....  Lots and lots of laughters and so seriously funny solutions were thought of...

Kym got some gorgeous gifts and we all enjoyed watching her open them...
Kym opening her gifts
Gift opening
 I also made sure that I got some family shots and photos of the girls with friends...
Family shots
Kym with her school friends and cousins
 We were all given little gifts before we went home.  We were all given a special tea cup, and then beuatiful chocolate fudge and several different teas. 
Lana doing her bridesmaid duties and handy out gifts...
 All in all it was a lovely afternoon and I am now looking forward to the wedding this weekend.
I am sure I will have another big photo share next week again..


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