Sunday, June 23, 2013


I spent the night in hospital last night....
This is my year to get healthy, and I have had a few reoccuring health issues that I want to have sorted out this year....
This visit was pruely to have a few more tests...
It was a sleep test, although I am not sure how you are suppose to sleep when you are wired up to all of this...

Wired up to Sleep
Consequently I didn't really feel like I got much sleep.... Especially when they kept coming up and checking on all the plugss

Not looking too happy here. 

I always tend to have a bit of an allergic reaction to the plaster too, which meant that my face and neck were quite red this morning... In all I had over 20 leads connected to me during the night and most were on my head,  4 on my chest and a couple on my legs...
Results should be back in about 2-3 weeks, so hoping that everything is fine...

Meanwhile on the weight loss journey,  I have been going well.  This past week when I weighed in, I have now lost 19kgs in just under 4 months.  Hoping that I might loose another kg this week to hit the 20kg mark and I am feeling much better. 

First time into jeans in a very long time...
Looking forward to a big shopping spree at the end of the year....
Have lots more to share...
We went to Wes and Emily's Wedding last weekend, so have just finished editing their wedding photos, so they will be up soon. 

Feeling extremely blessed at the moment...
So much to be thankful for...

This week I am thankful for
1. My very best friend, soulmate, lover, man of my dreams, my wonderful Husband.
2. Perfect winter days
3. Blue skies
4. Lovely walks around the neighbourhood.
5. Lunch and coffee dates
7. Close families
8. My iPad, and the skyping sessions with my grand daughter
9. Roses
10. God's Word
11. Shopping Trips
12. Weddings and Love
13.  Just happy to be alive
14. Renewing of the mind
15. Worship music
16. Scented candles
17. Healthy meals
18. Water
19. Great jobs.
20. Holidays.

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