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Wedding no 2 has been and gone and what a beautiful wedding it was too...
Emily looked beautiful and Wes couldn't keep the smile off his face all day. 
It was the sort of wedding where you felt like you were looking onto their very own love story...
Lots and Lots of photos so this will be a bit photo share again tonight....

Steve and I at Wes and Emily's Wedding..
Wes and Emily only had a short engagement... They organised their wedding from scratch in just eight weeks, and they did an amazing job....  It was a perfect day...
There is something very special about weddings....
Anyway, extra big photo share coming up. 

We have know the Groom pretty much all our lives,  his parents are good friends of ours...
We have known Emily now for about three years and she is a lovely young lady and I am sure she will compliment Wes beautifully.
Follent Family
Emily's Dad and Step Mum waiting for her to arrive
The beautiful Bride
The Bridesmaids. 
 It was lovely to see the reaction of Emily's Dad when she arrived,  He was quite emotional... You could see that he was super proud of her... It was really lovely to witness...
Walking Emily down the ailse
Dad handing Emily over to Wes
 It was quite a special wedding,  Wes's Uncle Ian married them... I think Ian was feeling quite emotional as well.  In a couple of weeks time, it will be him walking his beautiful daughter Amanda down the aisle as she gets married... (That is the next wedding we are going to)
Think it kind of hit him how close that is too. 
Saying their vows
Amy Follent singing at the Service and the seat decorations. 
The whole Bridal Party
 Wes's good friend and Mentor, Cam actually spoke at their wedding.  Because he is such a close friend to Wes, he made the service very personal, and we all felt we were looking onto something that was pretty special between the Bride and the Groom.
Cam gave a short message at the service...
 Now we get to the part where Ian tells Wes, that he can kiss his Bride.  So thankful that I managed to capture it with the camera.
You make kiss the Bride
Signing of the Register
Greeting their families after being pronounced Man and Wife.
 They had a special morning tea for everyone whilst the family group photos were being taken.
They had a really great photographer who was happy to let me snap along side of her...
Lots of family groupings here..
Follent side of the Family.....
 Photo's taken with Richard and Doroty, Wes's parents.
Wes's parents. 
Wes's immediate family.  Richard, Dorothy, and his three sisters, Talitha, Amy and Sarah
Wes's Uncles and Aunts and cousins on his Dad's side of the family
 They managed to get photos taken with their Grandparents.  All remarkable people.  Wes's Grandparents are in their 80's and had come up all the way from Victoria... Emily's grandfather is about to turn 94.  They are so blessed. 
Photos with their grandparents. 
 Then it was time to take the family Groupings from Emily's side of the family.  This was a little more complicated, as Emily's parents are divorced and remarried, so there were double the photos to be taken for her family photos.  
Emily with her Mum's side of the family
Family photos with her Mum and Stepdad

Then it was time to have photos taken with Emily's Dad and Stepmum and their side of the family
Family Photo taken with her Dad's side of the family
Emily with her Dad and Step Mum...
 Then it was time to take photos with both sets of her parents...
Taken with both sets of parents...
 Thought it might be nice to get some photos of both of her Parents so as I had got photos of her Dad and Stepmum just before Emily arrived, I thought I should try and get some photos of her Mum and Stepdad too...
Emily's Mum and Step-dad.
 The guys have all been great mates for many years, so it was lots of fun photographing them...They were having a ball and it was so much fun to capture their playfulness. 
The Boys. 
 Wes and His Dad are pretty close, so I really wanted to capture some photos of him with these two important men in his life....
Wes with his Dad and Grand dad
 Their wedding reception was also held out at the Heritage Village,  the same venue that Doug and Kym's wedding was held at a fortnight earlier...  They  had done a beautiful job of decorating the reception venue.  Lots and Lots of beautiful pink and cream roses. 
Decorations at the REception
 Emily has made three trips to Japan and has a real love for things Japanese.  She went to a lot of trouble to make all these lovely origami cranes to decorate her tables....
The table centres were very simple but so elegant.  She had a hessian table mat and then had stacked three books ( to represent Wes's love of reading) and then a beautiful jar of roses sat on the set of books.  Very simple but it looked so good. 
Lots of fresh roses everywhere/
 They really kept with the rose theme.,  even their wedding cake had beautiful real roses of the top of their cake.  Looked amazing...
All the beautiful roses
 You can see I got a bit carried away with all the beautiful roses.  I took heaps of photos of them all.
More of the beautiful romantic table arrangements. 
 I managed to get some photos of Wes's Uncle's and grandparents.  I was pretty happy with the way these photos turned out. 
Wes's relatives on his Mum's side. 
 Because I am usually behind the camera, we often go to functions and never manage to get photos of ourselves.  This time we had a couple of different folks who sat at our table and were happy to have a bit of a play with my camera. 
Steve and I at the Wedding. 
 Of course I had to take photos of all those at our table.
Our table
One of Emily's best friends, has family members who go to weddings with their photo booth set ups.  They were at Wes and Emily's wedding and managed to get some great shots of us all.    it was fun,  we were each then given a couple of book marks with our photos on and the name and date of the wedding.  Lots of good fun. 
Photo Booth and props.
Having fun with the Photo booth. 
More fun shots of those at our table...
 Wes's good friends, Cam and Heather were the MCs at the reception and they did an amazing job...  They had littke gifts and poems to read out and hand out all the time.  Just added to the fun and definitely personalized it for all of us. 
Cam and Heather - awesome MC's at the wedding
 Time for the Bridal party to arrived. 
Bridal party arriving. 
More Wedding decorations...
 Time for the speeches... They were all excellent speeches.  So good in fact that I rather got engrossed in them and forgot to take photos of all those that were giving a speech. 
 the Bestman and Mother of the Bride Speech. 
 Time to cut  the wedding cake..
Cutting the cake
And sneaking another kiss. 
 Had to take this photo of Pete's old house mates, Josh and Lauren... Love these guys. 
Josh and Lauren Belz.
Made sure I gook photos of the bouquets too, they were gorgeous...
Wedding bouguets
 Time for Dancing, and the first dance was the Father and daughter dance.  It was really quite special and emotional.  Emily and her Dad really do have a very special connection. 
Father and Daughter Dance.
 The came the Bridal Walz
Wes and Emily dancing the bridal walz.
Then everyone joined them on the floor.... well not everyone, but a few did. 
Having fun on the dance floor. 
 Time for the throwing of the bouquet...
Throwing the bridal bouquet
 Then it was time to leave.....
Farewell circle....
 One of the last things before they said good bye and left,  Cam and Heather (the MC's) presented them with a parting gift.  This was to introduce them to their new home town of Toowoomba.  They were both given thick coats to wear...  it was such a lovely idea. 
It was a big day.  The wedding was at 10am that morning and it was after 5.30pm before they left.  It was such a terrific day though.
Loved every minute of their wedding..
One more to go......


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