Thursday, August 15, 2013


It has been a crazy busy week at work this week...
We celebrated our book week early, with a book fair, and book week Parade and fancy dress.
The kids were amazing... they really went to a lot of trouble to dress in character and I really wish that I could share some of the photos with you.
I can though share some of the photos of our display in the Library....
I had lots of fun putting it together...

The Librarian, one of the other teacher aides and I all went as Gate Keepers.  We hold the keys to the Library and the Universe of Books...

Tanya (Librarian) Fay and I holding the keys to the Universe of Books.

All dressed up for Book Week

Having a Little Fun
 It took me a couple of weeks to put together our Library display... It is really hard to find the time to do all the things we really want to do,  neither the Librarian or I work full time in the Library, so I think considering that we both only work part time in here that we do OK to have displays and activities happening in the Library all the time. 

The theme for Book Week this year, is "READ ACROSS THE UNIVERSE"  so our display was based around space, aliens, astronauts etc.  Hopefully we will get to use a lot of these resources again in the future. 
This is the display I put together for the front of the Library.

Looking towards the back of the Library.

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Junior Fiction display board. 

Book Week Display

Display in the Junior Fiction section of our Library.
This is one part of my job that I love.   I love setting up displays just wish I had more cash and more time to put into making them. 
Well that is book fair finished for another year....

One more sleep to go, and then all the family will be home....
I can hardly wait....


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