Friday, September 20, 2013


Last weekend, I went for a drive to Brissie with Sarah.  She wasn't keen on doing the trip alone with a baby and a dog, so of course how could I say NO.  

We have really good friends home from PNG at the moment so it was the perfect time to catch up with Craig and Sharon and the children for the weekend....We have always thought of their kids as our grandkids and we love them to bits....

It was SO GOOD to see them and spend time with them.  Even though it is three years since we have seen them, it felt like just yesterday... that is the sort of relationship we have with them,  we just pick up where we left off...

Love these guys.
Craig and Sharon Vanderduys
Anyway on Sunday afternoon, we had a vote around the table and decided to spend a lovely relaxing afternoon down at Settlement Cove Lagoon at Redcliffe.  What a lovely spot.  The girls went swimming, the boys took their Unicycles down for a ride around and it truely felt like we were on Holidays already... Add to that the carnival atmosphere as they had a big family fun fair and markets going on. 

Anyway some photos from our afternoon at the beach. 
Settlement Cove Lagoon.
 Perfect place to relax on a Sunday afternoon. 
Lauren and Emma having a swim
Children's covered playground. 
 There were lots of families down there relaxing... It was so close to Craig and Sharon's too.  Only a 10 minute drive.  I think if I were them, I would be spending most weekends there. 
Swimming area at Settlement Cove Lagoon. 
Joel riding his Unicycle
Doing tricks.... he's up in the air.
 Whilst the boys rode around the rest of us sat and watched the girls enjoying a swim in the Lagoon. 
Craig and Sharon

The girls are out but freezing cold. 
enjoying the sun...
 You can tell we are relaxed....
Totally relaxed. 
 Sharon and I both went for a walk to explore the markets...
Lots of lots of activities and some great stalls. 
They even had rides for the kids. 
Carnival ATmosphere
 We came back and got Craig and the kids, and then took them for a lovely long walk out along the jetty here.
Jetty at Redcliffe.
Esplanade at Redcliffe 
 After our walk we headed back towards the car, but the boys wanted to do a few stunts with their bikes, so we sat and watched them as they went through their paces.  Got lots of claps and whistles from the skaters, and bike riders there also. 
Kind of castle ruins...
Reuben riding his Unicycle
Joel coming down the steps
 The boys had a ball,  they have really improved their riding in the last few weeks. 
Riding together
Joel and Reuben
Riding the steps
Add caption

We are now on Holidays....
What a lovely feeling it is too.
We have been packing the van and are about to head off up now...
Will try and update daily whilst we are away....
So looking forward to this time away together...


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