Saturday, September 21, 2013


It is the first day of our holidays here to day.  It's been a day at home.  A day to clean wash, iron and pack the van.

We also have a houseful of visitors.  Our really good friends the Vanderduys have moved in and will spend most of the time we are away staying at our place.  We have had a great day with them just chilling out at home as we prepare to go away.

We have also had another guest as well.  My cousin Barry's eldest son Brady Had to come to Rocky for a wedding so he is staying here also.  It has been a bit of a blast as he realises that he knows quite a few of the same folks as Craig and Sharon.  It really is a very small world.

I didn't take ant photos today,  I figure I will be taking enough of them over the next couple of weeks.
The van is all packed.. It is hitched to the car ready to go first thing in the morning.   We are sleeping in the van tonight.

I am hoping to make a quick trip to the markets  in the morning before we leave for some fresh fruit and vegetables and then we will be on our way onto our next adventure.

Our kids are all on the move also.  Chloe is in Hervey Bay this week as a Leader on a youth camp.
Sarah and Willow are in London catching up with Colin, and Pete has now booked his flight to Denmark later in the year.

I am hoping to update with photos each day we are away and on the road.

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