Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Last night we decided to go look at some of the Christmas lights around the southside of Brisbane....
We only went for an hour, because we wanted to share them with Willow and we were conscious of the fact that she needed to get to bed.  As it was, she was over an hour late getting to bed and we should paid for it today, as she was really quite tired and clingy.

We found a street that was supposed to be all lit up, whilst it was nice to go walking down it, I have to say it was no where near as good as the ones we had seen in Bundaberg a few days earlier...
Still Willow enjoyed it and loved looking at the pretty lights...
At one place we stopped, they had a laser display which was throwing pretty patterns all over the drive way.  Willow was so cute as she tried to catch them all. 
There were so many Santas in this street, huge blown up Santas in most the yards we walked past.

Sad Santa - exhausted after a hard nights work...
 Willow loved the lights, and even wandered into this yard so that she could walk through them.
Willow walking though the Christmas Lights

One of the many Santas
Large blow up Santas were in eveyone;s front lawns
Two very Merry Santas

More blown up Santas

 Willow was fascinated by the pretty lights and wanted to feel them. 
Willow checking out the pretty lights
They are pretty Aunty Chloe
Sking Santa
This large elf was in another garden
Out checking out the Christmas Lights. 
 Sarah's friend Hannah and her two little boys joined us...
After we left here, we went to 2 Child Street in Rochedale as the write up on this display was pretty good....
We were not disappointed.  There were hundreds of people sitting on the footpath admiring this display, it was all synchronized to music and was absolutely spectacular.  Definitively the  best we have seen anywhere.  The pictures just do not do it justice and if you really want to see something spectacular, than it is worth the drive to come and see it.

 I could have easily gone back again tonight to sit through it all again.  Sarah and Colin have been quite a few times now and they say it just gets better every year.
Love the tradition of looking at all the Christmas lights....


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