Wednesday, December 18, 2013


It is hard to believe it is only a week till Christmas..... It doesn't feel like it here this year....
We won't be home for Christmas so we didn't bother decorating the house this year and it just isn't the same, no presents wrapped under a tree, (that all needs to be done yet).  I haven't even managed to send the Christmas cards yet, although I hope to rectify that tomorrow...I haven't even managed to dig out my Christmas Carol CDs and listen to them.....I haven't managed the Christmas baking.....I haven't even managed to do my Christmas shopping yet....We haven't even managed to go driving around town to see all the Christmas lights.... I really do want to do this before we go... I haven't  managed to finish making my Christmas stocking yet and I have way too much cleaning to finish at home here before we can go away.  How have I managed to find time to do it all in previous years....
What I love about Christmas most though is that I can freely celebrate the birth of our Savior! Of course I can do this all year long, but its really a time where it's more widely accepted than any other day really. It is a joyous occasion to be sure. While I know it is all about Jesus, I do like love that it is a time when we all get together as a family. 

Anyway around here lately:
I'm ..............
Learning  to be patient,  that I can't do everything right at this moment, that some things take time, and that is OK.
Enjoying:  Being on holidays and spending time with the love of my life.
Listening:  to my husband snoring his head off, whilst I am still  sitting in the lounge playing on my computer, because I can't get to sleep.
Anticipating:  the excitement of being together as a family to celebrate Christmas.
Eating:  Mangoes and Raspberries.  Yum Yum

Home grown mango with some raspberries thrown in. 
 Needing:  to be free from pain and to actually get some sleep.
 Feeling:  excited to be be on holidays for at least the next five weeks.
 Thinking:   about how blessed I am, and being so grateful for all the blessings that I have in my life.
 Reading:  My bible. 
Watching:  Nothing really, we have been too busy spring cleaning to watch any tv at the moment... or even see any movies for that matter. 
Praying:  For my friend Mary who has been diagnosed with Cancer and is undergoing treatment and for my friends Lloyd and Sim, who have just lost their closest friend, who died in a car accident a couple of days ago on her way home from church. 
Loving: being on holidays and getting to hang out and work alongside my best friend and wonderful husband.  Love how we are both in education and manage to get the holidays off together each year. 
 Working On:  Spring cleaning my house getting it ready for Christmas and the New Year.
Excited about:  planning a little get away for my lovely husband and myself before we head back to work. 

Some things I am thankful for...

1. A lovely back yard
Our back yard.
 2.  Clean washing flapping in the breeze
Clean washing
3. All the lovely ripe bananas growing in our back yard and the endless number of free bananas we have had lately. 
Bananas off our tree.
 4.  Some new weight and health conscious recipes I have been trying lately.  this one was sensational, low in points, and so vummy
Bacon, Asparagus, pumpkin, fetta and basil quiche.
Tasted divine. 
 5.  My camera to record the wonderful moments in our lives that I really don't want to forget.
6.  Friends that just feel comfortable popping in to catch up.
7.  Worship music and how it soothes the soul.
8.  My kids and beautiful grand daughter, who never fail to support us and let us know just have much they love us.
9.  My amazing husband who loves me unconditionally,  So blessed
10.  A country that allows me to worship the risen LORD.

Well that is about it for the night,  I am finally signing off for the night, and hope  that I manage to catch a few hours sleep.

Will be back in the next couple of days to share photos from my friend Ann's 50th Birthday Party.


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