Wednesday, December 18, 2013


My good friend Ann turned 50 last week, and she had a party to celebrate last weekend.  The venue was beautiful.... We had her party in the garden of the house where she spent a lot of her childhood years.  It had the most amazing view overlooking the ocean....

It was a great night with a bunch of great people....
The weather was perfect.... lovely sea breeze, and as it was the end of the year,  most of us were in wind down mode and feeling very relaxed...

Very relaxed guests
More relaxed guests
 Ann's brother and his wife and daughter and grand daughter surprised Ann by coming down all the way from Townsville for Ann's Birthday.  It was such a lovely surprise for her.
Ann with her grand daughter and her brother Cam with his grand daughter. 
Ann's dad is 90, so we took the opportunity to get some generational photos with him for the future...
Generational Photos and family shots.
 Her Sister in law Belle gave a beautiful speech about Ann.  We couldn't have agreed with the words she said more....Ann is such a kind and thoughtful person who always goes the extra mile for those around her....
Speeches and cake cutting...
 Some photo shots...
Family photos
Family shots
 More photos of guests. 
My lovely husband
Richard and Dorothy
 Even the kids had a great time...
The kids all got along together and had a great time. 
 Present opening time...
Opening her birthday presents
Ann got some lovely gifts
 We managed to get some family shots of Ann's niece Tina and her family.
Tina, Adam and the children
 Got some shots of guests just sitting and chatting and enjoying their time together. 
Party Mode
 More family shots.

Ann with her brothers, and also her sister in laws...
 It was a great night, and I wish we took the effort to all get together more often.  It would make our lives much less stressful to sit and relax and enjoy everyone's company like we did on Saturday night. 


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