Saturday, September 6, 2014


Peter was only back in Copenhagen for a week or so before Maria had a week off for the Easter Break...   Peter had also found some accommodation, but couldn't move in until after Easter, so they headed to Amsterdam in Holland for a week...
There were there at just the right time of year...
To see all the tulips in bloom...
Some absolutely amazing and beautiful photos. 
Some of these photos bring some some really wonderful memories for me, because we were in Holland approximately the same time of year as Pete and Maria, and I will NEVER forget the beauty of the tulip fields...

At Schipol International Airport.
Bikes everywhere in Holland
At De Gooyer Windmill, Amsterdam.
Canals in Amsterdam
At Amsterdam Tulip Museum.
At Amsterdam Cheese Museum.
 One of the highlights for Peter was to visit "Ann Franks" House....

At Anne Frank House.
At Anne Frank House.

 At the Markets...
At Bloemenmarkt.
With Maria Hjerm Rask at Bloemenmarkt.
 These tiny little cars really amused them...
They certainly would be economical...
Funny little cars
At Overhaalsgang, Amsterdam .
At Overhaalsgang, Amsterdam .
At Nemo, Amsterdam.
Peter and Maria in Amsterdam
On the canals in Amsterdam
Pete in Amsterdam
Maria in Amsterdam
 One of the highlights of Pete and Maria's time in Holland, was hiring a scooter and taking off out into the country to see all the tulips....  ah the memories it brings back for me...
Absolutely love these photos of them at the tulip farms...
In Vogelenzang, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.
n Vogelenzang, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.
In Lisse.
In Lisse.
In Lisse.
In Lisse.
In Lisse.
n Lisse.
With Maria Hjerm Rask in Lisse.
In Lisse.
In Lisse.
At Keukenhof, Lisse, Nederland.
In Lisse.
In Vinkebrug.
 They really enjoyed their time in Amsterdam...
Peter has even managed to go back a second time to catch up with his mate Josh who had been in England for three months....  I am sure they will be back again also...
Riding around Amsterdam with Josh
Highlights of HOLLAND
The city of bikes

The city of Canals....


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