Saturday, March 7, 2015


Sarah and Willow went to check out a new playground today...
It was amazing..
Frew Park... a part of the redevopment of the Tennis Centre at Milton in Brisbane.
This project began mid October 2014 and was completed by the end of November of the same year...

The Arena play space has been designed to suit children and young people from 10-15 years of age. It combines architectural and play components to present a play space based on the former tennis court grandstand. Play areas for younger children are incorporated into the ground level of The Arena, along with features to cater for people of all abilities to enjoy play.
Features of The Arena include:
  • a large climbing wall 
  • a large three metre wide, three metre high, slide
  • various angled surfaces for climbing
  • seating ledges for social interaction
  • climbing nets and cages, including a mesh cage eight metres off the ground
  • a large, curling, five metre high, slide
Willow loved the park and it is now on our list of things to do with her when next we go to Brisbane.
Her gross motor skills are amazing for her age...
She loves going to the park and playing outdoors
Enjoying the big slide.... nothing phases her....
She climbs right to the top of the ropes
rock climbing wall

  Thought I would share some photos from the website...
I am looking forward to checking this park out..

It is also nice to see a park built to cater for older children as well...
A park that will encouage them to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and exercise...
some of the exercise equipment at Frew Park
 Even the adults are catered for at Frew Park...
The Arena Playground at Frew Park - Milton
Rock climbing wall at Arena Playground - Frew Park - Milton
The Arena Playground at Frew Park - Milton
The Arena Playground at Frew Park - Milton
The Arena Playground at Frew Park - Milton
The Arena Playground at Frew Park - Milton
The Arena Playground at Frew Park - Milton
Adult exercise area...
The Arena Playground at Frew Park - Milton
 There is even a coffee shop there to stop and have a bit to eat...
Time for refreshments
 Or pack a picnic and take... There are also bar-b-que facilities..
Park lands for picnics
 There is quite a bit of public artwork around the the park as well...
Public Art at the Frew Park at Milton...
Other Frew Park features include:
  • shaded picnic areas and barbecue facilities
  • car park with 50 car spaces
  • exercise equipment
  • interpretive signage and artwork showcasing the site's history.
 If you are in Brisbane than this is one of those definitely must go and visit even if you don't have small children, I am sure a wander through the park will still be an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. 


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