Sunday, April 17, 2016


One of my last outings with the girls before flying home...
We ducked down to Spotlight to get some ribbon and flowers to make a headband for Sarah's best friend's daughter who was being dedicated the following morning.

After we finished out shop,  Willow wanted a little play in the playground and as she had been such a good girl, we decided to let her and enjoy a cuppa whilst we waited for her,  We asked her if she wanted a baby chino but she was more interested in playing, so we just grabbed a drink each for Sarah and I. 

It took a while for it to come so by the time we got it, Willow was back over at the table complaining to us that she was hungry. 

I had ordered an ice chocolate.  Love the Gloria Jean Iced Chocolates.  Best ever.
By the time it came Willow spied it and after tasting mine and drinking half of it proceeded to let us know that she would like one of those drinks. 

 Precious child.....


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