Sunday, April 17, 2016


Couldn't resist sharing these couple of photos.....
Willow had a couple of visits to the doctors whilst I was there.  
On the first morning she found this little craft book and she really wanted to take it home...
She thought it was a birthday cake book and found a picture of a little pig in there made out of paper plates and pipe cleaners and proceeded to tell her mum that she wanted that for her birthday cake this year....

She really wanted to take the book home so that she would have the picture and was most upset when we told her she couldn't.  In the end I told her that I would take a photo of it with my phone so that we could give it to Mummy and then she would have it when her birthday came around....
This seemed to satisfy her and she asked several times that day if she could have a look at the picutre of her birthday cake.  

She loved this little book.

She ages pouring over each page

I really want to take it home Mummy


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