Sunday, April 17, 2016


Our baby is leaving town...
Well at least for the next couple of months....
She has been sent to Sydney to work of a rather large project because they need some drafties..
She misses Dan most of all, but I think the experience will be worthwhile for her..

At least they will fly her home once a fortnight to catch up with everyone and they have put her up in rather a nice apartment right in the middle of Sydney. 
One more week until another draftie from Townsville joins her also.  
Anyway she was pretty impressed with her unit....

Her living area
Kitchen area
Her bedroom
Spare bedroom
Laundry area
 She seems happy enough and we will get to see her this weekend when she flies home for the long weekend....
Part of the deal is that she gets to fly home once a fortnight....
Looking forward to seeing her this weekend...


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