Sunday, April 17, 2016


Happy Birthday to a pretty special guy.

We felt pretty honoured to have been invited to celebrate Chloe's boyfriend Dan's birthday with him and his friends and family the other night....
It was a wonderful night, and we had a great evening. 
We all went to the Stirling Restaurant in Albert Street. 
The food and company were sensational and I am sure we will be back...
It wasn't cheap but the food was excellent and there was plenty of it so worth the money.

Dan and his family
The meals were great..
My meal
I ummed and ahhed over whether to order this one or not but it was beautiful and I definitely would order it again.  I ordered the Pork Belly and Scallops in Orange and Maple Sauce served on a bed of wilted greens with a baked potato.
Steve's meal
Steve ordered the spare ribs.  He couldn't decide whether he wanted to order the 500g ribs or the 1kg ribs.  Fortunately he decided to order the 500g but it was massive, and he was so thankful then that he didn't order the bigger amount.  He had trouble finishing this lot off. 

attaching his dinner
 Dan's mum Sharon ordered the rib eye fillet.  It looked amazing and she definitely had difficulty finishing it.  the thickness of the meat was amazing but it was cooked to perfection...
Sharon's meal
Steve and Dan
blowing out his candles
Birthday boy
All blown out
Sharon and I
 The only downside to the night was that Chloe was missing....
Feeling blessed that she is loved by this family also....


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