Sunday, April 17, 2016


No photos for this post....
They would not be photos you would want to see anyway....

I am so glad that I travelled back to Brisbane with Sarah and the children...

Sarah is so glad that I travelled back to Brisbane with her and the children. 
She was up at 4am so that we could get an early start.  Max needed to be fed before we left, and I think we pulled out of our drive way around 5am. 
 A quick drive through the drive though at Macca's for the hot coffee and chocolate to keep us going and we were well and truely out along the highway by 5.30am.

We had a good run through to Turkey Beach which was to be our first stop for Breakfast. 
Sarah was keen to catch up with her grandparents who were holidaying there as they hadn't met Max yet. 

We had a lovely breakfast of bacon and eggs there and a lovely catch up with Steve's folk.  They were very happy to see us and meet Max.  We left their place a little after 8.3oam and it wasn't long after leaving here that everything went pair shaped.

By the time we got to Bororen, Willow was complaining about a very sore tummy and all she wanted to do was go home and go and have a sleep in her bed. 

By this stage Sarah was feeling a little paranoid as every other time these holidays that Willow has whinged about a sore tummy she has been quite sick. 

We were going to stop at Miriam Vale for her to go to the toilet but she seemed to settle dfown a little so we though we would push on.  We would have been lucky to have got five kms down the road when Willow starting crying becasue her tummy hurt....

That was the start of it....
The next minute she started vomiting and it went everywhere.  We had no buckets in the car, nothing other than an old beach towel and nappy wipes to clean it all up, and it was not pleasant.  I had my hand over the back holding a towel trying to get her to be sick into it but it was seriously bad and by now I am gagging and Sarah is frantically yelling at me not to be sick either as she would have great difficulty cleaning us all up.  What a mess we had and we had to then travel with the windows down because the smell was so awful.

By the time we got through to Childers, the diarrhea had started, so the rest of our trip was a serious of stops for either feeding Max, stopping for Willow who either needed to go to the toilet or who was vomiting....  We arrived in Brisbane at 6.45pm.  It was the longest day traveling ever. 

Not a trip we want to repeat in a hurry.


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