Sunday, April 17, 2016


It was the perfect day for a wind festival...
Lovely breeze, glorious blue skies,
Perfect weather for a day at the beach..
We met Sarah and the children, Clhoe and Dan's Mum and brother down at Emu Park. 
There were games of Frisbee in the park...
We walked around and had a little look at the markets and then we headed on down to see the different kites and then went down onto the beach where we actually had a go at flying a kite...

Even thought Willow wasn't a 100%, she loved the kites and was happy to have a little go with her mum...
From a photographer's point of view,  I loved their vibrant colours and the photo opportunities they presents.  Another big photo share coming up. 

Train ride in the park for the children
Playing with her Aunty Chloe

They had a heap of motor bikes there too.  They all looked pretty impressive.  I did wonder whether they were giving people rides of them. 
Sharon meeting Max for the first time...
Chloe's boyfriend Dan's mum, Sharon joined us at the beach for part of the morning... She was keen to meet little Max and grab a cuddle....  It is lovely spending time with these lovely folk too. 

The kites did look quite spectacular
The bight colours,  the vibrant blue skies all made for a beautiful day down on the Capricorn Coast.
Flying penguins
Bright colourful banners
The sky was full of kites
Octopus kite
Even a skeleton kite
Love these kites,  their actual wings would flap in the breeze also and give the appearance of flying..

This one was really quite spectacular

 The spider kites were cool...  With the wind rushing through their webs, it actually looked like their legs were moving also...

 You really couldn't have asked for a nicer day.  The sky was so blue....The breeze was cool and it was so nice and refreshing to be down on the beach. 
These were the kites you could have a go at flying yourself. 
The beach was covered with people
Baby Octopus floating in the breeze
Chloe and Willow having a go at flying the kite. 

 It didn't matter in which direction you looked the sky was still full of kites flying gently in the breeze.
Another very impressive large kite

 Sarah and Willow flying the big turtle.  Willow is still is a little uncertain off it...
Patting the big turtle
Up close and personal
Ian enjoying his day on the coast
 Sarah and Willow admiring the bird flags
Photo opportunity
Ian and Kathy

 These following shots are some of my favourite

 After walking around here and having a good look, we decided to head around to the beach near the Anzac memorial to have a picnic lunch.  Willow by this stage wasn't feeling too well, so we thought it best to try and feed the children and then Sarah was going to take them home whilst Ian, Kathy and I headed through to Yeppoon for an ice-cream on the beach. 

I so wanted to take Willow to Yeppoon because I know she really enjoyed the water park the last time we were there but she really wasn't well enough and since she had been fighting this bug whatever it was all holidays it probably was in her best interest to head home and have a bit of a sleep. 
Couldn't resist taking a photo of these flags as Ian and Kathy have a  daughter called Linda so this on is for you Linda Tunney.
Some of the many colourful flags that were on display
Stalls and side shows at the Wind Festival
Welcome to Emu Park..

 This is such a pretty area of the Capricorn Coast now,  they have spent quite a bit of money in the area doing it up over the last few years and we actually love coming here now.  We used to always go to Yeppoon but now Emu Park is one of our favoured spots.  There is still money being spent there as they get to work on extending the boardwalk from the Anzac Memorial around to the boat ramp near Bell's beach. 

A real carnival atmosphere
Lots of colour
joy flights
 Obviously part of the celebrations were joy flights over the Capricorn Coast.  I think they must have only be 10 minute flights because we saw this plane flying up and down the coast all afternoon. 

Willow bucked up once we got to the beach area for lunch.  There was a lovely big undercover play area right next to where we were sitting so she was quite happy to hop in there and have a play whilst we unpacked our picnic lunch. 
Enjoying the playgound at Emu Park
 Our view at lunch time was simply stunning also.  We were a little away from the crowds around at Bell Beach for lunch but we looked out over the coast and islands.  There was also a lovely cool sea breeze which made sitting there ever so relaxing. 
Our views over lunch
enjoying our lunch
lunch time at Emu Park
More stunning views
 Sarah and Willow having lulnch

The trees were full of lorokiets and gulls

 I love to see families out enjoying themselves and this was no exception.  Loved watching this family playing in all the rock pools. 
More kite flying as well as all the gulls
Just another perfect day in paradise
the loorokeits enjoying eating the seeds in the palm trees
Our dear Willow
Willow was so cute.... Here she is using one of Max's wraps and trying to fly it like a kite
  We left here mid afternoon.
Such a beautiful part of our world. 
Anzac Memorial and Hill at Emu Park
Anzac Memorial at Emu Park

 We parted ways with Sarah here and whilst she headed home,  Ian, Kathy and I headed off towards Yeppoon.  We went the along past Kinka Beach so that I could show them our favourite beach hideaway on the coast. 

We took a detour into Roslyn Bay.  The rock formation there is so impressive...Another photo opportunity
Roslyn Bay Marina
Close up of the amazing rock formation
Lots of lovely flowers out in bloom
Kathy at Roslyn Bay

 From here we headed around to Yeppoon where we went for a lovely walk and then had an ice cream on the beach.  It really was a lovely day.  We didn't get home until after 6pm and were feeling pretty tired as we had left home somewhere around 9.30am.  I think the sea air and sunshine also made us feel pretty tired.

None of us felt like cooking tea that night so in the end we ended up having soup and toast for dinner. 
A great day was had by all. 


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