Monday, April 25, 2016


We lashed out at Easter and bought a Weber Baby Q..
We really wanted it for our holiday next year but thought it might be good to get it a little earlier so that we can some practice using it and perfect our cooking....

We have pretty much mastered the roast dinner now, but this week we tried cooking some pizza's in it.....
Sensational is all I can say.  They taste divine and we probably ate too much of it.
I actually want to do some baking in it next.....

Seafood and Pesto Pizza
 This pizza is actually classed as a healthy pizza and has become one of our favourites.
Pizza base although we used pocket bread as I had run out of pizza bases.
Spread with pesto,  cover with thinly sliced zucchinies , then scatted some halfed cherry tomoatoes
and some spanish onion.  Layer on the green prawns,  I actually had some calamari that I included this time also.  The recipe said to sprinkel goats cheese on top but I had also run out of it but I did have some danish feta, so it went on instead.

Once it is cooked, scatter with rocket before servining. So totally yummy that lately it has been the only pizza I have been making
Served with a glass of white.....
 Almost feel like I am on holidays... Well I can dream can't I.....


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