Monday, April 25, 2016


We had a lovely evening out on Saturday night.
We got invited to one of Steve's past collegues 60th birthday party.
It was a total surprise to him...
The funny thing is that he used to also work with me many many years ago, and was one of my bosses....

Steve then became his boss, well at least that is how Kev looked at it, although I am sure my husbane just saw him as a wonderful collegue.  His position was only ever temporary for 9 months but I know that Steve was very sad when he left.  They really got on well together, and had a lot of similar interests.

Kev and Denise took off the following year to travel around Australia in their caravan.

We really didn't know anyone else awt the party, and initally it all felt a little strange but once we got to sit down to our meal and met others we really did have a wonderful evening.  We met new people, and funnily enough the sister of a friend of mine was at our table... Such a small world.....

Happy Birthday Kev
I take my hat off to Kev also,  he really had a ball, enjoyed every minute and made sure that he moved around and enjoyed everyone's company.  Made sure that we all met each other and it was just a great night. 


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