Thursday, December 1, 2016


These next couple of days were work days... not much time to take photos.... too much to do - a barn to clean up, a disco station to vacuum and get ready for a wedding afternoon tea..
I got given a lot of babysitting duties as well as inside work.   Today was most spent in cleaning.  The Aussies all arrived and they all pitched in to help also.  On day eight, we had another massive day as all the machinery needed to be moved today, and then the barn completely cleaned and decorated with tarps going up to hide heavy machinery, and to keep the birds from messing in there one the barn was set up for a wedding.    We had lights and fairy lights to be hung and then also tables and chairs to be collected, cleaned and set up for the wedding.

The folk who were cooking the whole pigs turned up to set up their workspace and get their rotisseries set up ready to cook the pigs...  Once again Pete's mates were on the scene to lend a helping hand and to support Pete.

In the afternoon we visited the church.  The church was even prettier than any of the pictures suggested.  The area is very scenic and the views were stunning.  The grounds of the church were beautiful, so well kept and looked after.

 We got back to the farm and started setting tables ready for the next day and that is when Maria realized that we couldn't leave them set up without covering them because she was worried about eh birds going crazy and leaving droppings all over the tables.  This was very stressful for her and the first time I had seen her get upset.

Maria's parents friends had also worked tirelessly alongside us to help get things ready and he even went into town to buy some plastic to cover all the tables and also some extra tarps to string from the ceiling.

We all enjoyed another BBQ dinner together and then Pete left us to go and stay with the boys for the night.  Steve and Sarah had to go for a drive with him to get some champagne and strawberries to surprise Maria with for her wedding day, to enjoy whilst she was getting ready for the wedding.
We were all pretty exhausted by the end of the day so were pretty happy to curl up and crawl into bed...


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