Thursday, December 1, 2016


Today we left Copenhagen to travel up to the farm for Peter and Maria's wedding.  It was quite wet this morning leaving Copenhagen, our first rainy day since arriving.  We were all up very early and had left by 8am.  It was a little slow getting out of Copenhagen and very wet for the first couple of hours of our journey.....

We stopped at "Middelfart" for breakfast much to the kids amusement, we also saw another sign on the side of the road for "Fart Kontrol".  This really amused Dan and Brenda.  In fact "Fart Kontrol" actually means traffic control.

This is where Peter and Maria left us to head off to Germany to pick up the rest of the alcohol for their wedding, and we headed north to Arrhus.

We had a couple of hours break in Arrhus where we visited the Aros,

The Aros

Sculpture in front of the Aros

and took the walk around the Rainbow Rim at the top of the building.  It was very nice, and we took lots of photos.

We walked down a level and went for a walk out on the viewling deck and from here we were able to get some amazing photos of Aarthus. 

The displays were pretty good at the gallery very colourful also, and as Steve would say some were almost pornographic.  I was really interested in seeing the rainbow smoke room, but it no longer existed so obviously it was a sort term display.  

The museum does have a 5m Ron Mueck display of a young boy.  It was great to see a display of his in Denmark, especially as he is an Australian artist.
the amazing 5m tall BOY sculpture by Ron Mueck...

We all had lunch at the cafe at the Museum.  When we arrived in Arrthus it was damp and drizzling rain, but by 4 o'clock when we were ready to leave, the sun was out.  We still had a two hour drive to Maria's parents. 

It was a lovely drive, lots of rolling green fields and lots of wind turbines.  Denmark is such a pretty country.  The other thing that stood out to us was how proud the Danes are.  We saw the Danish flag flying from homes everywhere.

We arrived up at the farm around 6.30pm.  Maria's folds were very welcoming.  We arrived a little before Pete an Maria.  Dudi and Hanna took us on a tour of the farm first showing us where the wedding was being held.  Oh my goodness, there is a wedding here in 2 days time and still so much to be done.  It was all a little overwhelming. 

Next we went and saw the room where the afternoon tea would be served and then had a tour of the house.  It was enormous.  They have been doing some renovations and will continue to do so for a while yet, 

We BBQed for dinner.  We had a lovely time with everywhere meeting some more of Maria's relatives as they dropped in.  Everyone was so welcoming, and the girls were very excited to see us, as we were to see them... We felt very much at home....
The Farmhouse
The barns where the wedding reception was to be held
We now have a Danish family.....


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