Saturday, December 3, 2016


An early start this morning.  We enjoyed a lovely typical Danish breakfast with everyone before we all headed off in different directions.  I love breakfasts up at the farm Maria's parents have a huge dining room table that will easily sit 15 people of more.    Peter and Maria were also leaving today and heading to Budapest to catch up with the other Aussies, and we were all catching a ferry from Hirtshals  across to Kristianson in Norway and then driving up to Ski, just outside of Oslo for a couple of nights.

The ferry took 2 and a half hours from Hirtshals and he needed to be at the ferry terminal by 9.30am.  We were really pushed for time in the end, as we had to vacum our car out and clean it before packing,  we did arrive with about 10 minutes to spare.

 They sure manage to jam pack the cars onto this ferry.  We were barely able to open our doors to get out of the car,  We had paid a little extra so that we could all sit together upstairs in the business class.
It was a 2 and a half hour across to Norway.  We hadn't been into the journey too long before Willow started crying because she had a sore tummy.  It turned out that both Brenda and Willow were sea sick spewing up everywhere.

Sarah and Chloe were also feeling quite nauseous .  Steve, Dan, Max and I were all OK. 
It was just after 1pm when we got off the ferry and into town,  We decided that we needed to eat lunh before heading off. 
 We found a Subway and little snack bar on the water's edge.  There were picnic tables, so we all sat there and had our lunch.

It was after 2pm before we finally set off to head to Ski via Oslo.
The trip was beautiful, the scenery was stunning,  lots and lots of tall pine or fur trees, rolling green paddocks, quite lovely homes and barns,  hundreds and hundreds of tunnels.  I am sure that Norway is the home of tunnels, there are no winding roads over here,  they just go straight through the tunnels.  some of the tunnels were more that 2 or 3kms long.

In fact in Oslo itself it felt like the whole city was built on top of a complex series of underground tunnels.  The bridges here are also amazing.  Norway is so pretty.  We stopped a couple of times to feed Max.  The trip was very slow because a lot of the time, the speed limit was only 70kms an hour. 
 We didn't arrive at our AirBnB until almost 7.30pm in the evening.  It was set right out in the country, about a half hour drive out of Oslo.  The scenery was stunning, especially the view outside out bedroom window.
Scenery from our bedroom window
Main house of our AirBnB
some of the wildflowers
more wildflowers
more wildflowers
Our apartments
outdoor relaxing areas
Our wonderful hosts
more wildflowers outside of our window
Beautiful countryside..
 WE had 2 loft size apartments together and then Brenda slept in the main house.  It worked out well because I think she needed some of her own space.

Part of the deal with our AirBnB included a cooked breakfast each morning and a light dinner at night.  That was an understatement... We arrived over at the main house for dinner and were served the most beautiful nourishing chicken and vegetable soup with fresh bread, cheeses, glass of wine and then a delicious praline ice-cream for desert with tea or coffee to end the meal.  There was plenty of it too, and most of us had a second helping with Dan even having a third.

The studio's were pretty new and not quite finished yet but still beautifully set out with lovely comfortable beds.  Both the girls beds were remote controlled beds where they could raise or lower them.  All in all we were very happy with our accommodation.

We were all very tired so ended up crawling into bed about 11pm.  It was still very light when we went to bed, so much so that I managed to get a good photo of the view outside our bedroom window before I turned in for the night.

It had been a long day, but the scenery and drive were absolutely gorgeous and it was another perfect day in this lovely paradise....


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