Sunday, December 4, 2016


An early morning start this morning as I had my follow up Chiropractor's appointment at 9.30am.  I am feeling so much better.  In fact there is no way I could have done what I had done the previous day if my back was not feeling good or if it had been feeling like it was on the Monday..

After the chiropractor's visit, we met Maria at the big shopping centre  at the next bus stop. 
The shopping centre was huge, not like the ones we had at home but more in a high-rise building, sandwiched in among all the other buildings.  There is no car parking at shopping centres over here... everyone rides bikes, so there was plenty of bike parking...  People shop differently over here also, no big grocery supermarkets like we have at home.  They cannot manage that on bikes or public transport.

Our first stop was a little coffee shop where we indulged in some lovely danish pastries.  We bought three different ones and shared them equally amongst us all so that we could try a few different ones.  Unfortunately they didn't sell hot chocolate drinks so we had to order tea instead.  The Danish people are very environmentally friendly, and so we had wooden take away knives and spoons.  Our plates were made from environmentally friendly cardboard.  Recycling is big over here....

After morning tea we went to the Glitter Store to pick up the hair things that Sarah wanted us to get for her.  I also bought some really nice ear rings which were on special, and so great gold bracelets.  Maria was looking for some new clothes to wear on her honeymoon to Italy.  I had lots of fun girlie shopping with her and we were able to spoil her by buying her a couple of tops and a nice dress.

We left here around 12.30pm to head home to have a quick bite to eat before going and picking Pete up early from work at 3pm.  We actually made out lunch and took it outside to have a picnic in the courtyard of their apartments.  It was lovely sitting out  there in the sunlight and none of us really felt like moving.

We left home just after 2.30pm to go and pick Peter up and we had planned to drive down to Mons Klint to see the white cliffs of Denmark.  There was quite a bit of traffic getting out of the city and we were bumper to bumper for a while along the motorway.

Once we got away from the city the drive was beautiful, lovely green fields, paddocks, wild flowers and little villages everywhere.  We drove across a really cool bridge onto the island of Mons.  We headed straight down to Mons Klint.

  I had no idea that we had to walk down 500 steps (the longest set of steps in all of Denmark)  It was a very long walk down, but at least they had a few platforms to help with being able to take a break and catch your breath.  After very big sets of stairs there were seats so at least you could sit down and take a break...  I am pretty proud of myself that I managed to walk down.  I really only attempted it because I knew there was a rest break at the top of the highest flight of steps.  I left before the others to walk back up as I knew it would take me a lot longer to climb the stairs than it would them.  I did manage to get to the top before them...   It was actually quite a pleasant walk back up.  I actually met some lovely people at these rest breaks and struck up some interesting conversations with them.
 We then did another walk out along a board walk for about 250mts to a lookout that had some lovely sea views and some views of the white cliffs.  They were really quite beautiful.  There was no real beach here to walk on, it was all small pebbles.

 After walking back from the lookout we decided to head into Mons to have some dinner. Mons is a really pretty little town and we were disappointed that we didn't have more time to explore it as it was after 8.30pm by now.  On our way through we noticed a nice little restaurant that went out onto the water so thought it would be a nice place to head back too.

 It was a great choice.  We took a table out on a pontoon on the water.  We had drinks and tapas on the pontoon and then moved inside to the restaurant later to have our meal as it was getting quite cold outside.
 Steve, Maria and I had the fish meal.  It was enormous... a huge whole fresh fish with lots of new potatoes.  Peter had a huge steak with roast potatoes and amazing sauce.  It was after 10pm when we left to drive home and we still had an hour and a half hour drive ahead of us..  The sun was just starting to set when we left to go home.   

We had a lovely drive home and it was so nice to still be able to appreciate the beauty of the countryside so late at night. 

We arrived home just after 11.15pm.  It was straight to bed for all of us as Pete still had to go to work the next morning. 


Mark Wallace February 15, 2017 at 11:55 AM  

It is always interesting to hear how a different part of the world lives. I love how they are environmentally conscious and use take-with-you wooden spoons and don't have large stores because bikes are a huge part of their culture. The fish meal you had looks amazing. Definitely something I would love to try!

Mark Wallace @ Chiropractic Memphis

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