Sunday, December 4, 2016


Our mornings have tended to be pretty chilled out this week with everyone else gone.  We wanted it this way because we knew that once we started our tour it would be full on for three weeks... Once again I caught up with some of the editing of the many photos we had taken, and also catching up with my diary writing...

Maria was keen to take us berry picking out on one of the berry farms today.  She had an app on her phone that gives you the farms and the directions on where you can go to pick your own berries.  It even lets you know what fruits are available for picking at any given time.

The farm she chose for us to visit was an hours drive out into the country in a little village.  When we arrived we were give baskets and a map of the farm.  Good thing we had Maria with us because the directions on the map were all in Danish and we couldn't understand them at all.  The fields were a mass of colour with all the wildflowers and that alone was breathtaking.     Our first port of call was the cherry orchard.  I have never been cherry picking before and oh my goodness, the trees were laden with ripe fruit.  We were besides ourselves with excitement to see so many ripe cherries and we probably over did it a bit with the eating..... My punnet was full before Steve even had a half dozen cherries in his.  We probably spent a good hour in the cherry orchard.  The season was nearly over as quite a few of the cherries were just starting to go off.  Still there were plenty of very wipe and tasty cherries.  So sweet, not like the ones we buy in the supermarkets back home...

It was a beautiful day, the sun shining, fresh air, plenty of colour with all the wildflowers... the atmosphere was refreshing, rejuvenating and just plain relaxing...  We still had raspberries to pick yet, but because the fields of flowers looked so inviting we decided to walk the long way around to the raspberry patch, a walk that took us through all the fields of wildflowers.  The fields were alive with bees and butterflies and that all just added to our sense of well being.

We found some other berries that we had never heard of before and picked a punnet of them also.  They were small berries but very tasty.  They seemed to be a cross between a blackcurrant and a blue berry.

Steve and Maria got side tracked with the berries, but I just decided I was going to go sit in a field of wildflowers  and just take in and enjoy my surroundings.

Finally we headed to the raspberry patch.  It was surrounded by hedges, and you had to sneak through a cutting in the oak trees to get into them.. Not only were their raspberries, but also black berries, and red currants and another sort of berry that looked and tasted like a little grape except for the fact that they didn't grow in bunches.  You did however suck the flesh out of the skin...

The raspberries were AMAZING... not only were they HUGE, but they were really sweet as well.  The fact that Steve was eating and enjoying them was a testament to this.  Normally he can't be bothered eating them back in Australia.

It was a lot of fun and we left for home tired but happy.

Maria decided to take us home via the coast road, where all the expensive homes were.  It was a lovely drive and even though it was a little longer to get home this way it was definitely a nicer drive.

Peter had cooked us a lovely curried chicken meal by the time we had arrived home.  It was delicious.  I am still getting used to the fact that he loves to cook and does most of the cooking over here.  It never happened when he lived at home...

We are enjoying the nice relaxed evenings at home chilling out with Pete and Maria....


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